Product Reviews

Are you sniffing around for somedoggy to take a look at, or maybe take a taste of, one of your products?

Sniff no further, because I'd love to be that somedoggy for you!

Trying new things is always fun, and I will always give a full and honest review on your product. (To see an example of some of my previous reviews, please look further down on this page.) I am open to trying just about anything, from a yummy treat to a fun collar or harness. (For a collar, my neck measures at 11.5 inches and for a harness, my girth is 17.5 inches. Please contact me to double check on these numbers! )

 If you chose to send extra I would also LOVE to share your product with my other doggie friends here in blogville!

To contact me about your product, or with any questions in regard to me trying it out, please email me at poodleatplayATgmailDOTcom
(...just make sure to change the AT part to a '@' and the DOT part to a period first! BOL)

My secretaryMom will be sure to get back to you as soon as possible. I look forward to hearing from you!

Previously Reviewed Products: