Woofie to all and welcome to my blog Poodle At Play!

My name is Wesley, and I am a miniature parti-colored poodle. I was born on April 21st of 2013 in Massachusetts, and came to live with my Momma a few months later on June 16.  Momma and I live in United States in Pennsylvania, though we both spend a lot of time in the neighboring state of New Jersey because that's where my Poppa lives.

Since I'm such an awesome little dog, and since Momma was having so much fun with me she decided that she needed to find a way to chronicle it all to remember for forever. But how to do that?

At the same time Momma was wondering that she was also doing a lot of research online about things like training and the best foods to feed me and a whole host of other things. During all that researching she kept coming across all these blogs that were just so fun, and informative and just downright awesome.

And then she decided, maybe that's what we needed to try to do for ourselves!

Then, in October of 2013, Poodle At Play was born. Here is our first post ever!

Since that first post we have shared a lot of fun, learned many new things, made (and continue to make!) new friends, and the blog itself has grown and changed.

All those things are super wonderful ones, and we hope that it all continues in the future for as long as this blog exists!