I have a blog!

Hello out there, world! Wesley the mini parti poodle here. Mom got me my very own blog, and I'm so super excited about it! That picture above is me. Well...my back in June when I was still a little fluffy baby. That is one of the first every pictures my momma took of me when she got me home. Wow,  I was tiny. And fluffy!

Oh, and this is the VERY FIRST EVER picture mom got of me! It's me and mom, and I'm giving her my sweet puppy kisses for the first time ever. She and her boyfriend had just picked me up after a looooong car ride from New Jersey to Massachusetts to bring me home.  Mom says the car ride back was long too, but I don't remember, I slept the whole way!

But that's enough of the past, this is me now:

I grew from cute to downright handsome...and I am nowhere near done growing yet! I'm still only 5 months old - a baby! Can you imagine how much more handsome I'm going to grow to be?! Mom can't! She also can't wait to share with you just how I grow and change, and the stories and fun things that happen in my life as a Poodle at Play!

Stick around and play with me!