March 31, 2014

Creeping in...

Me? Creep back into Blogville after being gone a full week?


SPRING creeping in! Sure, creeping in super-duper slowly...but still it's creeping in! And that is very good!

March 24, 2014

Backyard exploring

It's Monday and Momma's off from work, so this mean we're sending our day at poppa's again. He's currently at work at this office, so it's just Momma, Honey and me in the house right now. It is cold outside again, back into the mid 30's and not at all nice and warm and feeling like Spring at all. Apparently this cold it going to hang around a few more days, and there is even rumor of getting an inch or so of SNOW for tomorrow morning. And just when we were really starting to get rid of all the old stuff! It being cold out didn't stop me and Momma from taking a little mini exploratory walk around the backyard area, though!

March 23, 2014

Black and White Sunday

Momma has seen some of my other doggy bloggers playing around with chalk before, and she liked the idea so she wanted to give it a shot for herself.

Happy Black and White Sunday, all!

March 22, 2014

Hikes and springing spring!

 So yesterday we went hiking, just as Momma promised! Now granted, it wasn't a super long hike; it was kind cold-windy out yesterday and there was still plenty of snow on the ground in the woods where the sun doesn't hit so well. Not to mean plenty of snow depth wise, but plenty of snow for Momma to slip on and fall!

Not that she did...but there were a few close calls!

Come on Momma! Hurry up!

Pretty little waterfall...we'll be back later in the year for a closer look!

When it's warmer yet and less snow-slippery out Momma wants to go back for sure. The bank to the creek we were hiking next to was pretty steep and Momma didn't dare go down yet. That'll be for next time when it's drier!

Today was ever warmer then yesterday, and it is the first time Momma's opened the windows! It didn't take long for Baby to come and claim her favorite spot when this happens.

While Baby sat admiring the outside world from inside, Momma and I went outside to check it out! We did some training out in the yard, and then wandered down to the mailbox...and Momma noticed this!

  Fresh buds on the lilac tree at the end of the driveway!

And THEN when we walked to the other side of the house, I found these!

The beginnings of some lily flowers!

Even though it's still been pretty cold and it's still super early spring, it looks like things around here just can't wait to get started with growing again!

March 21, 2014

Guess what I got!?


Yup, that's right! My Momma got a Barkbox just for me for March! She had seen some of my other doggy bloggy friends talking about them and how much fun they were and she decided that since I'm such a good boy I could have one, too!
I was so excited to see what came for me this month!

I stuck my head right in there to see what goodies I had gotten, was juuuuust deciding what to try first when Momma told me to 'Leave It!' and CALLED ME AWAY! How rude is that?! WHY would she do something like that?!

Because pictures, that's why! Before I could play OR taste anything in MY box, she wanted to take a picture of it all together.

Then I STILL couldn't play with anything, because she found this card in the box to tell us all about what I had gotten, and I had to take a picture with that!

I was so wiggly and wanting to get at my box, and Momma just wouldn't let me yet! She starting pulling all the stuff out of the box to take one more picture with it all on display...she sat her camera all ready and...

I FINALLY had my chance, and I went for the grab!

The red squeeky thing was mine!

I haven't tried the yummy looking treats yet, Momma plans on taking some with us walking today! It's a beautiful day out, a blue sky with big fluffy clouds so we will DEFINITELY go hiking a little later!

So excited...yay Spring!

March 20, 2014

First day of Spring!

Momma tells me that today is the very first, official day of Spring! She is very excited about it because she says that means colors are coming, and warmer days. I'm excited about it because warmer days means
longer walks outside and more playtime out in the yard!

Speaking of the yard, do you remember the bazillion-million feet of snow that we had? Well...look at it now! 

It's practically GONE, and I can touch in some places the actual ground again! Even though today is spring it was still kinda cold here in my spot in PA, with the temperature not getting higher then 40* (which is still much better then 30*!) and a cold wind blowing. According to Momma tomorrow is supposed to be 50* and nice and sunny, and she says if it is we'll see about going for a nice mini-hike over at  the local environmental education center.

I'm going to cross my paws tonight and hope tomorrow is just as she says it's supposed to be!

March 18, 2014

Reviewing something tasty for Tuesday!

Computer at momma's house still isn't right...but momma has dug out her older computer tower and plans on hooking that back up when we get home tomorrow so we can post regularly again! Currently we are at poppa's again, my second home! 

But that's not what you wanted to know. I betcha you just wanted to know what  is soooo tasty that I'm reviewing today! Well, that I'm technically reviewing again...but you never saw the first one because all momma's pictures for it are stuck on her broken computer. So...I get to review again...and guess what?

 Honey got to help!

Ready to help you eat test all the treats, Wesley!

So, what did we get to taste and give our opinions on?

These Old Mother Hubbard Soft Bakes Carrot and Pumpkin cookies from the most wonderful!! Here's a look at the back of the package, too! Look at that simply delicious ingredient list!

If you can't read it in the photo, the ingredients are: Whole Wheat Flour, Honey, Canola Oil (preserved with Mixed Tocopherols), Carrots, Pumpkin, Cinnamon, Cane Molasses, Natural Vanilla Flavor. We love it! Not an unpronounceable, unknown thing in sight!
On top of all that, this is what had to say about these treats:
Fresh from Old Mother Hubbard's pet bakery come Gourmet Goodies - a line of unique, artisanal gourmet baked treats. It’s a great day for a treat from the Gourmet Goodies collection! With plenty of artisanal textures and tastes to choose from, your dog will discover a new, delicious flavor in each mouthwatering morsel! You can smell the slow-baked goodness of each ingredient in these tender cookies. How does your dog say yum?
Key Benefits
  • Deliciously moist inside - soft & tasty
  • Mouthwatering oven-baked aroma
  • All natural, all pleasing
  • Made in the USA!

Now, there was one thing Momma was not crazy about with these treats - they are called Soft Bakes, so she thought that they would be a softer treat...they are not. They are rather hard and crunchy, not at all soft. She didn't even find them to be 'moist inside-soft and tasty'. They were just straight through and through a harder, crunchy treat.
Not something she would usually get for me, since she and I both prefer softer treats (she likes to be able to easily break apart treats to use for me in training!). 

These cookies were also quite a bit on the larger side of the treat scale, especially for a smaller dog.

So, have you had enough info, boring stuff yet? Do you wanna know just how awesomely delicious Honey and I liked them? 
First, the giving of the treats. 

Then, the crunching...

Oh, Wes, you left some  crumbs...let me help you with that...

Not so fast, Honey! That's MINE!

So, what did we ultimatly thing of these Old Mother Hubbard's Soft Bakes with Carrot and Pumpkin treats?

I think we'd both like some more!

Both of us give this a two paws up rating, for a total rating of a whopping eight paws up! If you want a good, crunchy-not-soft treat, you should really give these a try! 

Honey was so enamored...she couldn't take her eyes off the bag! 

(Note: We were given one free bag of treats to give an honest review on, and were in no way compensated otherwise. All opinions are 100% our own and 100% honest.)

March 14, 2014

Come get me!

Momma and I are over at poppa's again, it's one of our favorite places to be! Bonus; his computer, unlike Momma's at home, works currently! (Wes' Momma note: I knew I should never have attempted that upgrade thing, no matter how easy to looked/sounded! Hopefully Chris (Wes' poppa) is able to correct my stupid. All my picture of Wes since getting him last June are on there! This is what has me most upset...)

When we're here at poppa's, one of Honey's and my favorite games is 'catch me if you can!' Even though I'm smaller then Honey and she's got longer legs, I can still outrun her pretty good!

At least for a little while...

March 13, 2014

Momma killed it...

...and by 'it' I mean the computer-box thingie she updates my blog on. According to her she was trying to fix something, and it just didn't work out.

As a matter of fact, it worked opposite.

Blog updates may be pretty sporadic until she gets poppa to un-fix her fix, or a new computer thing.

March 7, 2014

Sunny and warm-ish!

 Well, maybe not warm, exactly. It is still below freezing out there, according to the weather app thingy on momma's phone it is currently 30*F outside right now.

There is no wind today, though, and the sun is out so it feel a LOT warmed then it has been in recent days. Warm enough that momma joined Honey and I outside for a little bit.

Hide and seek! Can you find me!?

It was sunny, and warmer...but there is still LOTS of snow on the ground. It makes me nearly as tall as the birdbath!

Here's another look at just how much snow we have. See me here...doesn't look like all that much, right? Nope! Not at all!

Buuuut when momma pans the camera-thing out further....

You can see we still have lots.

I think it's going to take until forever for all this stuffs to melt.

I don't think I can wait that long...I wanna run around with Honey in the grass and play chase again!

March 6, 2014

Days with Honey!

For the next few days Momma and I are going to be at poppa's house and I get to run around with Honey! Also, I get to sleep with my special blankie!
This is my blankie. Momma got it for me before I came to live with her.

My blankie stays here at poppa's house in my sleeping crate here so I'm not so lonely at night. You see, at home I get to sleep in bed with momma, but here at poppa's house his momma doesn't like for dogs to be upstairs where the bedrooms are - not even Honey. So I have a special sleeping crate here, and my special blankie.

It doesn't always just stay in my crate, though. I like to drag it around the house with me. And sometime when I do that, Honey likes to roll and play on it too.

Honey! Get off my blankie! 

I'm excited to spend the next few days here with Honey, poppa and poppa's family (including one of my favoritest people ever, uncle Steve!)! I just know we're going to have lots of fun!

We always do!

...but Honey better lay off the touching of my blankie!

Honey, you've been warned! BOL

March 4, 2014

What I've been up too...

Well, since Momma hasn't posted for me on a few days, I bet you all though that we had dropped off the face of the earth probably been super busy or something.

Not really, really.

You mean to tell me, Momma, that you didn't blog for me....just because?!

What had actually happened is Momma had a surprise full weekend off (Note from Momma: And if anyone out there works or has worked know what a surprise a whole, un-requested weekend can be!), so we headed over to my poppa's house and spent Friday night until Sunday morning there. It was so much fun running around and playing with Honey! We got to play tug, fetch and my new favorite game 'who-can-bark-the-loudest-and-longest-at-that-unknown-sound'!

For anyone who might wonder, I won!

It wasn't all fun and games, though.

If you follow me on Instagram you might already know we made an unexpected visit to the vet!

Momma and poppa got a little worried about me because I had to do a lot of licking at where my boy bits used to be - enough to the point that the area was getting all red and irritated. I was also acting a little funny; Usually I'm the kind of guy who doesn't mind standing around your feets. In this case I was going a lot more sitting, and I was going into my sits kind of funny.

It was enough to worry both Momma and poppa so off to the vet we went!

They looked at where my boy bits used to be, and checked out the joins on my hind legs. The vet said they felt warm and inflamed, so they took me and took some of my blood to see if I had gotten something called lymes disease.

Those tests came back negative, which is a good thing!

They didn't find anything going on with my legs, but told momma to keep and eye for any lameness and to let my own vet know (we didn't go to my usual vet for this visit!) if such a thing happens.

As far as why I was licking myself to irritated redness, it may have something to do with my neutering. The interior stitches might not have fully absorbed yet, and could be bothering me. Nothing to really worry about!

When we were sent home, we left with a cone (to keep my from licking my 'phantom boy bits' as momma keeps saying) and two bottles.

Rimadyl, for my legs and Cephalexin, and antibacterial medication just in case all this licking isn't just due to stitches!
I wasn't to happy about the cone, but Momma only has me wearing it when she's not around to make sure I'm not licking phantom bits.

Other then that...that's been it! We didn't even get any of the snow that was talked about in my last post!


Momma and I are both hoping that that snow missing us is a good sign that spring is officially coming soon! Now, if only it would start getting warmer...