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Tug time!

It's pretty cold out there today, with a super-bitey wind. When Mom came home from work today she tried to take me out into the yard for some fetch, but it didn't last long...we both got cold! So instead it's been a play inside kind of day...and what's a better game then tug for that?!

As you can see, without any surprise, I am the winner this go around and always!.

Sorry Mom, better luck next time!

Black and White Sunday


I'm back! Whew!

Woofie every pupper! Hope everyone's holiday was fun and full of yummy treats and LOTS of squeeky toys! Momma and I spent the holiday at my poppa's house, and it was so much fun! I got to play with momma and poppa, and poppa's two brothers, and Honey and poppa's parents and his aunt. His momma even got me a super comfy new crate mat for my crate at their house!

Sadly, there is no photographic evidence of any of the fun stuff that happened over the holiday, since the forgetful one Momma didn't bring her camera with her. Silly Momma! The one thing she did have with her was her phone, and she did upload a silly little video or two of me and Honey on my instagram, but that's it. Maybe next year she'll actually remember to bring her camera!
After these past few days of so much playing with everyone I am one pooped out poodle, and am happy to be home where I can catch up on some sleep!

Very Merry Christmas!

Mom and I are about to head out and to my poppa's house for the holiday and won't be blogging tomorrow, so we wanted to wish everyone out there a super-awesome-very-Merry Christmas today.

Hope you've all been good this year, 'cause Santa Paws is coming tonight! 

Rainy day, REVIEW day? GIVEAWAY?!!?

So it's pretty icky and rainy outside here today and no fun at all. What's a poodle-boy to do but go and make his own fun!? And what's more fun then yummy foods, and giveaways!?

So, what tasty food am I about to tell you all about?

 Full Moon Chicken Bacon treats! I have to say, these are pawssibly my number one most favorite treat in the history of ever. They taste so delicious, and Mom really likes that this is a product made in the USA with all the ingredients sourced from the USA. The ingredients are also completely recognizable; you don't have to be some sort of scientist to know what they all are, or be able to pronounce them:

Chicken, Brown Rice Flour, Honey, Salt, Vinegar, Dried Ground Celery, Natural Smoke Flavoring, Black Carrot Powder Color, Beet Powder Color, Decaffeinated Green Tea Extract, Rosemary Extract, Canola Lecithin

The company is very new...when Mom got me my first bag of these she went to check out the company webpage and there wasn't even one…

Black and White Sunday

(Wes' Momma: ..I really have to figure out this photo editor thing I have. :-/ Sorry for bad quality edit!)

Kitchen helper Wesley

I get to help Mom in the kitchen today! She's decided that today she's going to do some baking...but not just any baking. COOKIES! And not just any cookies...a super can't-tell-ANYONE secret recipe that's been in his mom's family for forever. 
This should be so much fun! I really have to wear this apron, Mom? It's a little...big. 

Just me an' my antler.

At least for now, and a few more hours, its' just me and my antler. I'm going to go with Momma to my poppa's house later tonight. I'm excited, because this means I get to play with Honey tonight! I can't wait to load up in the car and go!

First Mom says she's going to have to leave me at home alone for a little while, because she's going to go see her poppa who's still in the hospital since last week when all those strangers (Mom called them EMTs) came and took him away to there.

It's ok. I can be patient and wait to go see Honey and poppa....I have my antler to keep me busy!

Meet the Blogger: Wesley's Momma!

Yes, I am looking like a chimpanzee sticking my tongue out at you all in that photo (well...not you guys, really. Originally it was a photo send to Wes' poppa via just happens to be the most recent photo of me!); no I make no apologies! Wa-ha!

But anyway...yes. That's is me above. A little background on me? My name is Amanda, and I live with Wesley in northeast Pennsylvania. I'm somewhere between the ages of 28 and 29...just about halfway (my birthday is July!). I'm also a bit of a coffee addict.

Now, I do believe there were actual questions for me to respond to around here somewhere, weren't there? they are! It's late and I'm a bit lazy, so I didn't answer every single question offered...but I did answer most! So, here's a little more about me!

What’s your favorite non-animal related book?
You know, growing up I used to read all the time. My school librarian and I were pretty tight...then as I grew more and more up I began to rea…

Wordless Wednesday


Snow again!

So...this is what it looks like right this minute outside from the window by Mom's computer.
Yup, apparently we didn't get enough snow the other day so we're are getting more of it now. And boy is it ever cold today! Not that that stops me from wanting to go out and play.

We got lots of snow the other I'm NOT actually running around on the ground...I'm running around on about a foot of the previous snow! It's been so cold lately that it's formed a hard top on it, so a little dog like myself can run around on it and not sink in. Well...not sink in too much anyway. There is an occasional soft spot that catches me by surprise.

Mom won't let me stay outside to long, it IS really cold and wet and I have no coat. Yet.

It's not so bad being insider today. It's nice and warm in the house, and I have my new favorite ever toy to play with.

Is anyone else's day as winter-y white as mine today?

For me?!

When Mom came home from work today, there was a box out on the porch. I had seen the mailman drop it off and boy did I give him a good barking when he came near the door all day I had to sit around and wonder who it was for. Mom hasn't taught me to read human yet, so the scribbles on the box meant nothing.
When Mom finally came home, she brought the box in...and then told me it was for ME. And it was from Bobo! Just like I got the help Santa Paws with Ranger this Christmas, Bobo got to help Santa Paws with me!

 Mom wanted to wait until Christmas for me to open my box...but I gave her my bestest ever pleeeeeeeease face and she gave in! 

OOOOOO! There looks like so much good stuff in here....

There were LOTS of yummiy foods (Some banana and oatmeal treats, beef liver treats and chicken wrapped rawhides), super fun toys (a ball and the best thing ever! a squeeker stuffie whale), a golden poop bag holder, an awesome sock monkey blanket and...well...honestly Mom and I aren't sure w…

Black and White Sunday


Beinging to look a lot like Christmas!

...or so I'm being told! Lots of white snow falling. Enough snow that it has to be shoveled every now and then from the driveway and deck. Luckily for momma...aunt Sarah and aunt Sarah's boyfriend have been taking care of that for the day!

Of course I got in the way and barked my head off was the best helper ever during the shoveling. And I never even once got in the way of where they were moving all the loose snow! 

Hope everyone's Saturday is a fun one!

Ruff Day...

Yesterday was a ruff kind of day. It started out semi-normal...but with Momma's poppa feeling pretty awful. Momma went to work like normal, and I stayed home with Momma's normal. Then a few hours later a bunch of stranger burst into our house, surrounded momma's poppa and ended up taking him away!

I was so terrified! After that I was alone for a while longer, hiding under Momma's computer desk.

Before Mom came home my aunt Sarah (below referred to by my Momma affectionately as 'Bitchyface') was the first to come home. I was so still very scared, and didn't know who those people were who took away Momma's poppa, or why.

So when my aunt Sarah came home, Mom got this text a short while later.

When Mom came home not long after she explained to me what happen.

Those people who came in were called EMTs, and they came in something called an ambulance to help momma's poppa. When they took him, they were taking him somewhere he could feel better. The…

Wordless Wednesday


And some more winter weather!

I know yesterday I had told everyone we had some winter weather...well we had more of it! This time with some real-deal snow! We didn't get a whole lot, just enough for Mom to be happy since it looks pretty but doesn't really need to be moved by her in any way. I like that I can make pawprints!

 I wish I could really run around in it and have some REAL fun, but Mom is keeping a pretty close eye on me about that kind of stuff. She says it's only been four days since my neutering, and I'm still healing so have to be careful.

No fun, that.
 Hopefully we see more of this snow-stuff once I can run around more, so I can have some real fun with it. Until then I guess I'll just have to continue to give Mom my best sad face for treats take it a bit easy. Mom tells me there's one very good reason for me to listen to her about that: if I don't, I might wind up at the vet's again because I've hurt myself.

Considering that option...I think I'll be good and ke…

Winter weather and more cards

So last night we got some winter-y cold weather. No, not snow. Well...a little bit of snow...very little bit. Mostly freezing rain and ice. When Mom and I woke up this morning and Mom went to take me out...boy was it slippery! Here are a few pictures Mom took when we went out in the yard for potty breaks when she got home from work.

It's all really pretty looking!
But enough about weather, onto more important my Christmas card count! So far, I've gotten FIFTEEN cards just for me in the mailbox! That's a whole fifteen more then my momma has gotten so far, BOL! I've also gotten SEVEN card via e-mail....which means my total count is actually TWENTY-TWO.

Black and White Sunday


Feelin' Better

So yesterday was awful. Paws down, not my most favorite day ever...currently in the top of the running for worse day in the history of ever .

However today I am feeling better.

 I'm a little sore, and every now and then I move in what must be the wrong way. When that happens I act as if I've been pinch and go darting across the room, tail tucked, before sitting down for awhile. Even with that, I very much want to run and play, but Mom says the mean nasty vet said I shouldn't go really crazy with running and playing for 2 weeks.


How am I going to survive 2 weeks of...dull! I need to run, and jump...and run some more! SO unfair.

 Anydoggie else out there ever have to ever take it easy like that? How'd you get through it?