Winter weather and more cards

So last night we got some winter-y cold weather. No, not snow. Well...a little bit of snow...very little bit. Mostly freezing rain and ice. When Mom and I woke up this morning and Mom went to take me out...boy was it slippery! Here are a few pictures Mom took when we went out in the yard for potty breaks when she got home from work.

Everything is so crunchy under my paws!

It's all really pretty looking!

But enough about weather, onto more important my Christmas card count! So far, I've gotten FIFTEEN cards just for me in the mailbox! That's a whole fifteen more then my momma has gotten so far, BOL! I've also gotten SEVEN card via e-mail....which means my total count is actually TWENTY-TWO.


All the cards I have gotten so far! Wow!


  1. Nice card count. We got snow, and it is really pretty too.


  2. Ice is no fun! Be very careful, Wesley! Getting Christmas cards in the mail is fun ☺

    Love ya lots♥
    Mitch and Molly


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