Decorating and N-day...

Yesterday Mom started pulling up boxes from the basement, and these boxes were filled with Christmas stuff! Having never seen Christmas stuff, and knowing Mom would definitally need my help, I went right in as soon as the top came off the first box!

Lots of stuff in here!
There were big socks (Mom called them stockings), candle holders, wreaths, jingle bells, this guy...

...what's a misfit? 

Just about everything but a tree! Mom says she's going to go looking for that tomorrow, but I'm not going. 

Because I'll be at the most evil place in the world vet.

Getting neutered.

I still don't know what it means, Mom won't tell me...but I KNOW it can't be good. It's something that happens at the vet's...NOTHING good happens there. 

I'd run away so I don't have to go...but look at what it's doing outside.

Rain? Ewww.

Maybe I'll run away tomorrow before we get in the car...when it's not raining.