August 21, 2015

Staying With Dad

Since my Mom and Dad first brought me home with them from Massachusetts two+ years ago, I've been living with my Mom in Pa.

Of course, we DO spend a lot of time in NJ as well...but when it came down to 'home' for me that was always with Mom in PA. 'home' is going to be at my Dad's in NJ.

Which means my blog posts may be even more sporadic then they already are, since Mom is my blog assistant. 

Don't get the wrong idea, this isn't bad news! Just...different. 

Even if I won't be posting, I'm going to do my best to make sure Dad sends Mom a text daily to make sure she's staying up to date with that on her day's off from work when she comes for visits she is all up to date with the going-ons! 

August 20, 2015

Nearly healed up

Yup, it's true! That big nasty puncture wound is almost all healed up...which is a very good thing. 

What's NOT a very good thing, is that on Tuesday Mom took me over to see Aggie.

Aggie, the torturer groomer. 

Mom was a little worried and on Monday was debating on canceling my appointment and remaking it for the following week - but she spoke with Aggie who promised to be VERY careful...and she was!

Mom is very glad that she decided to not reschedule...something about me starting to smell kind of ripe. BOL 

August 17, 2015

Much better!

It'll be a week tomorrow since I got bit by another dog and wound up at the vet's in a cone. 

Mom has been super lax on paying attention to this blog, because life was also happening at the same time. 

Well, since that event I am doing much, much better...I am pretty much back to myself!

As you might recall, Mom was worried about me not going number 2 when it came to potty. Well, on Wednesday in the morning she called the vet's office to make me an appointment just in case. 

When she got back to Chris' house that afternoon I was still looking and feeling pretty sorry...and Mom's worry increased. Not expecting anything, she took me outside.

And I pooped. 

And after pooping I TOOK OFF racing around the yard like a puppy having zoomies!

I looked back at mom and her jaw was practically hanging on the ground, and my dad's mom was laughing so hard tears were leaking. 

Guess all I really needed was a good poop!

Ever since then I have been steadily acting more and more like me, which makes Mom very happy.

Of course I still have this hole in my thigh...that may take a little longer to completely close up...BUT each day is a day closer to being un-holy again. BOL

August 13, 2015

Doing alright

After Tuesday's events I am doing alright.

There has been no swelling in my leg, which is really good. Mom is watching me like a hawk, and being very careful about keeping the injured areas, especially the deeper one, clean. 

We came back to NJ and Dad's house yesterday. We returned for a few reasons, one of which is that my uncle Steve is currently working from home and will keep an eye on me while Mom works. 

I'm doing alright...but I am most definitely not myself. It's hard to be yourself when things hurt, though.

The good news is, is that they won't hurt forever...and I'm sure that in a few days or so I'll be feeling just fine again.

But for now...I'm just going to sit here and not move too much, ok?

((Wes' Mom: I really do hate seeing my little dog the way he is right now. When I came home from work yesterday (early, because all I was doing was worrying myself sick about him) and went down to my room he was on my bed. He was feeling so bad he didn't do more then life his head to look at me before just laying it back down again.  Usually he's a crazy wiggle-butt when I get home and makes these ridiculous little happy sounds. When I went upstairs to get his antibiotic he didn't follow, which he normally does. Gave him the antibiotic and then just sat with him on my bed for awhile, there may have been tears on my end. The next time I went upstairs he DID follow me after a few minutes, which made me very happy. 

Packed up our bags, headed to NJ and he seemed to be pretty much himself at this point. Chris got the wiggle-butt that I didn't when Wes saw did Chris' brother Steve and both his parents. Fed Wes and he ate happily. Chris and I went out to get Wesley a few things, and when we got back he happily scarfed up the doggie S'mores flavored cookies we'd found. 

Two of them, actually. LOL 

This morning was an early one as I had to go to work. Wesley wasn't very inclined to move. We went downstairs, he stayed up in the bed. I came upstairs and carried him down. Took him out, but he wasn't interested in going to the bathroom...he just sat and looked sad at me.

Gave him his anti-inflammatory/pain med before I left for work.

Got back and he was hanging out with Steve in Steve's room. Jumped off and came right too me, but didn't wiggle butt. He opted instead to lay down and get belly rubs. Tried to coax him to walk to me a few feet down the hall...and he did but then just curled up in my lap. Gave him him antibiotic packed into a little ball of the canned food I'm currently feeding him and he took it no problem. Carried him downstairs to take him out, as I was told he hadn't gone to the bathroom at all yet today. Took him out and set him down, tried to get him to walk a bit and 'go potty' but he just sat and stared again. 

We were out there for about half and hour to fourty-five minutes and he didn't move anymore then to lay down or drink some of the water I brought out for him.  Tried to offer him one of the S'mores dog cookies he was so happy to snarf down yesterday, but he wanted nothing to do with it. 

Offered him a spoonful of his canned food to see if was rejecting food totally or just rejecting the cookie and was glad when he ate that right up, too.

As of right now his deepest wound is looking good...there is no swelling and the fluids that were draining seem to have slowed down/stopped. I got an anti-septic spray yesterday along with the cookies that I've been spraying on a paper towel and then wiping around the area to be sure it's clean and won't infect. The three smaller wounds by the base of his tail I'm just spraying openly with the spray.

He seems to be alright, but I'm sure he's hurting. I can't imagine him not. The dog that left the marks (not a random stranger's dog, but a dog we do know...NOT Honey) is a dog double his size and weight ; a 9 or 10 month old, 40 pound lab/shepard mix. 

It's a long story, and there IS a history between the two of them. I'd like to not have him anywhere NEAR this other dog, and have had that feeling for a LONG time...but right now we don't really have a choice in the matter. 

But anyway...he seems to be doing ok. Right now what I'm most worried about is the fact that he hasn't gone to the bathroom since about 7pm yesterday. Number one OR number two.

I am happy to report, that as I am writing this Chris arrived and HE got the wiggle-butt greeting that I did not. It wasn't it's usually length of wiggle-butt...but it was there.

My usually Wesley is in there somewhere, just locked up with hurt.


...this just happened, and I have to share it. Wesley wonders why his Dad is wearing the cone of shame. LOL

August 11, 2015

A no-good day

(((WARNING: This post contains a few wound photos that some may consider graphic. I will put warning before the actual photo, as well as a safe notation if you prefer not to see them. Really, they aren't too-too bad...but just in case.)) doesn't get much more no-good then being attacked by a bigger dog and then having to go to the vet's, does it?

That's just what happened to me today.

This other dog got it's teeth into my rear end area. When we got separated I got a check over and Mom found one puncture on my rear right leg.

She called my doggy doctor, and off we went to be safe.

Are you sure we have to be here, Mom? I mean, it's only a flesh wound...I'm perfectly fine. Really.
It was a busy day there and we spent some time in the waiting room, so Mom tried to cheer my up by taking a selfie or two with me.

However it wasn't long enough until we were called back into the torture chamber exam room and I was put up on the table.

Mom showed the puncture mark and the vet tech shaved me down around the area...and then found three more marks by the base of my tail.

That made four marks in total.



Seeing that it was super busy they told Mom she could go wait in the waiting area and they would clean me up and check me out in the back room. So off I went, and off she went.

When my vet took me back to Mom she was looking sad and alone in the waiting area, surrounded by three other big dogs who had come in. I was feeling pretty sad myself, having been put in a cone.

The doctor explain to Mom that the three marks on near my tail were all superficial and would heal up in a few days or so.  The deepest one, the one near my leg, she would need to keep an eye on. The doctor said it shouldn't happen, but if there was swelling to bring me back in as they would have to put a drain in.

Mom is crossing her fingers that there is no swelling...and I am crossing all my paws.

On top of the cone, I was also sent home with two prescriptions. One for inflammation, and the other an antibiotic to stop any infections before they have a chance to occur. 

One of the pills I take twice a day (a full pill in the morning and a half a pill at night) and the other just once a day when Mom gets home from work.

One the ride back home I found there was one good thing this shame-cone is good for...helping to pillow and support my head for a car ride nap.

Wes' Mom Note: Yes, Wesley rides shotgun with me in the car. I know it's awful and unsafe and he should be secured in the back. It's something to be fixed about my driving habits with him. Also, photo was taken at a delayed red light, which is why you see the car in drive. 
The cone didn't say on for forever once we got back home. Mom removed it so long as she could keep a good eye on me. 

Also, so I could go ahead and more easily eat my dinner. 

Since I was standing up, Mom took a few more pictures of my wounds. 

The ones at the base of my tail really aren't all that bad or deep...but Mom hates seeing them and says it breaks her heart.



The one on my leg is definitely...more. If the other one's break Mom's heart...this one makes her actually cry. 



Mom's heart hurts after this and she is most definitely worried about me. I'm telling her I'll be just fine but you know how Moms can be, right?

OH! There was ONE good thing out of this vet visit! Miss. Dr. Boothe (my vet!) said that my EARs, and HEART and TEETHS were all in super great condition!!


August 4, 2015

A treat for me? Cool!

A Frosty Paws, for me?

Well, don't mind if I do!

Thank you Mom, it's good!

((Wes' Mom: Lack of posts due to a whole lot of absolutely nothing going on in life at the moment. Booooring!))