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Weekend snow recap

So this winter storm Jonas guy...he wasn't very nice. He came through and left a LOT of snow in lots of places.

For us, it all started Saturday morning. When Mom, Dad and I all woke up and looked outside this is the sight that we were met with:

A inch or two of snow first thing in the morning...with plenty more falling down! Mom wanted to do pictures throughout the day, but was very wary of taking her camera out into that to get all wet. 
The next time she took the camera outside with us was about 1:30pm.
The snow hadn't let up, and Mom wanted to go re-shovel the path from the sliding glass door over to the driveway again. (If there's lots of snow, instead of waiting for the end she likes to go out multiple times so she's only moving so much at once.)
Honey and I went over to check out Mom's shoveling job.

Hey, missed a spot over here!

Though Honey is getting to be an old lady - she's 8 years old - you'd never guess it. She likes to run around an…

Black and White Sunday

Yesterday we got LOTS of snow from winter storm Jonas. 
Mom took this picture of me blasting through it at..about 2:30 yesterday afternoon.

It was high, but I could still plow through it! 
BUT that was at mid-afternoon...we continued to get snow all the rest of the day until about 8pm.
Mom took this picture of the birdbath two hours later. 

That's a lot of snow! 
Tomorrow Mom'll post up some more pictures!
These two pictures today are in black and white...because it's Sunday!
And Sunday's are always black and white thanks to the Black and White Sunday blog hop, hosted by Dachshund Nola and Sugar the Golden Retriever!

Snowy Saturday

Well...we're getting it now! Our first real snowstorm of this winter...winter storm Jonas has arrived!

After waking up our first order of business is always bathroom I went to look out the door...

Woo look at it all already!
Mom opened the door and out I went.

Ok...this is far enough.

Right now it's still snowing, and Mom has been out once to clear a nice path for Honey and me. She's hoping that it stops sometime later so we can get some really fun snow pictures! 

Wordless Wednesday

Today I'm joining in with Blogpaws on their Wordless Wednesday blog hop.


Good morning friends! Seems no matter what I do there are just some times where my mom gets super neglectful of MY blog and it doesn't get updated. 
She tells me things like 'but there's nothing going on.' Or 'I don't have time today, Wes.'
But REALLY I know the truth - she's lazy.
What's a poodle to do? 
Our wonderful mayorz suggested to bring her up on charges...but I just don't know. When she saw the comment she said something about not biting the hands that feed me...
Maybe to be safe, I'll do what F&E suggest and give her a good dose of cold shoulder. 
And speaking of cold...
WHEW has it ever been these days!
Mom and I went for a little walk around the lake this morning, and since the ground is cold and we do travel on the roads (which have been dosed with salt) Mom pulled out my doggy shoes.

I'm never sure of these things for the first few minutes and Mom just laughs at me...but soon as we get outside I am glad for them coveri…

Black and White Sunday

Mom's been super lax once again with my blog. 
How on earth do I get through to that woman that I have important things to to share with all my friends?! maybe not so much this's been quiet with nothing happening.'s Black and White Sunday, a blog hop hosted by Dachshund Nola and Sugar the Golden Retriever
Hop along below!

Away it all goes

When mom put up the Christmas tree in Dad's house last month, one of the first things dad asked was 
"So your going to take it down later too, right?"
What a party pooper.'s now later. Later then later, even. Mom had wanted to get it down before 2016 came around...a fresh start and all...but...well...
As you can see behind me it didn't happen and the tree has still been in the TV room.

So she drug up all these boxes and things from down in the basement and brought them into where the tree was.

...and then off came all the candy canes, lights, and ornaments.
All back into all the boxes.
Of course I helped.

It didn't take long before the tree was all naked again.

And this is what Christmas looks like for all the decorations for the better part of the year. 

See you again in another 12 months, Christmas stuff,

Wordless Wednesday

Shh. It's Wordless Wednesday!

This blog hop is hosted by Blogpaws!

The difference a week makes..

Well, the difference a week and the COLD makes.
Up until just recently we've been super lucky with our 'winter' weather and it hadn't felt like winter AT ALL. Everyone was joking that maybe we had skipped the season and just jumped right into spring. 
Well...winter has finally shown his cold, unpleasant face!
Do you remember the swans and all the pretty ducks that we on the lake across from Dad's house just last week?
There were these two:
And all these guys?

And mom's favorite, this guy?

Well...a little less then a week later and no waterbirds of any type are swimming around anymore!

It's been cold enough in just the past few days that the lake is already covered in a layer of ice.

Mom says she doesn't think anyone will be venturing out onto it for skating or anything just yet...but if these 20*F temps keep on, it won't be long until we can walk across the lake and not just around it.

Rug Roll

....What? Rug rolls are the thing to do in 2016!

Black and White Sunday

Joining up today with Dachshund Nola and Sugar the Golden Retriever for their black and white Sunday blog hop.

The first one of 2016! Woohoo!

Welcome 2016!

Hope everyone had a good time ushering out 2015 and welcoming in 2016!

As I said last year in 2015 (BOL!) mom, dad and I just slept through it. 
Not that that's bad...sleep is a good thing!

Just so you know...all my wishes for everyone still say they same as they did last night:
A wish for good health; a wish for love (in all it's forms!); a wish for plenty of fun and laughter!

Happy 2016 to everyone!!