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Happy Halloween!

Happy Halloween, furiends! Hope all who are going out for treats get nothing but their favorites, and all those staying home to hand out candy get to see all kinds of awesome costumes.

Wordless Wednesday II


A new friend?

Mom dug a bunch of boxes out from the basement today, and in one of the boxes there was a smaller box. And in that smaller box was this guy...


Fall Hike

It was a really pretty day yesterday, and mom decided that we would use that as an excuse to do a little bit of walking/hiking in the afternoon. There's another dog blogger out there by the name of Shawnee who goes on hikes allllllll the time with her pawrent. (You can go over over here to visit Shawnee's blog!) Shawnee's pawrent also has a blog where she gives well-detailed instructions about their hike and how to get to these places (Visit the blog, Gone Hikin'.) Well, mom momma was THRILLED when she visited Gone Hikin', because lots of the places Shawnee had hiked where prettttty close to us! So for our hike yesterday she picked one of the places Shawnee and her mom had gone and off we went. We DID cut our hike a little shorter because she wasn't sure we were ready for a 10 mile long hike just yet, and also unsure how long that would take us to do even if we were (the days ARE shorter, afterall). She's promised me that since we enjoyed this shorter ver…

Black and white Sunday 3

Been busy these past few days, with no real access to a computer to do updates! Hopefully this week will be better...have some Black and White Sunday!

Vacation, our last day!

The day before had been all windy and grey, with a craaazy number of people on the beach. Our last day there, Sunday, was gorgeous! Mom wanted to go over into Cape May to see the lighthouse, and so we off we went! We got there and, wow! The beach by the condo may have been pretty empty, but here at the Cape May lighthouse there were lots of people! It looked like it was some sort of event, lots of people with lots of big, made-mom-jealous cameras. Apparently there's a bird and wildlife refuge right there next to the beach, which is what mom thinks the even had to do with. We stayed away from the people and went right out to the beach area and began walking.

There were a few places up the beach from the water were there were patches of tall grass. It was kinda cool.
And then there was this big thing: Mom says it's called a bunker and it was built back during something she called World War II. Whatever that is, it doesn't sound like it was a very good thing! Once we hit t…

Vacation, part 2!

In my last post I covered just the verrrrrry first day we arrived, I still have two whole more days to talk about and show off!

The next morning mom and my poppa woke up early (both are early birds!) and they say the sunrise was Beautiful!

We didn't stay out long, it was a bit chilly and we were all hungry for breakfast! The next time we went out it was very windy and no at all sunshine-y like it was the day before. Even though it was kind of icky out, mom and poppa decided we would still take a good long walk on the beach together. When we got out there, we discovered that despite the day the beach was very active! Since it was windy out, there were many people out there riding on these cart looking things, being pulled by what my mom said was a large kite.

There were also people riding by in what mom called 'sail sand boats'.

People riding these were all over on the beach!

When I first saw these things, I had no idea what to think, so I barked and tried to chase them. It to…

We're back! (1st Vacation, pt1!)

And we had SO MUCH fun! The place we went was right at the bottom-ish tip of New Jersey, right between Cape May and the boardwalk at Wildwood. My pawrents have been there before a few times, where we stayed is a condo that's owned by my poppa's pawrents.

We were supposed to start our trip down on Thursday, but due to a few things that happened that day couldn't leave until Friday morning. We left at 10 in the morning, and got there at about 2pm. It was a beautiful day...and what a view we had!

We hung around in the room for a little while before we went down to the ground. The ground there was so much different then the ground back home, it was soft and mushy. Mom said it was sand! The first time I put a paw on it I had no idea what to think! So, I did what any puppy would do...I ran around like a manic on it! Mom tried to take a video, but somehow deleted it when she went to look at it herself. It makes her a little sad, because it's a first of mine she'll neve…

So this is where we were going!

This place is sooooo cool! We're really high up (though I don't know how! We got into this square box, these doors closed and when they opened we were up high!) and there this huuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuge pond or lake or puddle or something out there! I can't wait to check it out! 
Mom says for the time we're down here we won't be posting, but that we can make a big awesome post with lots of fun pictures once we get home! 
So until we get home, bye and hope everyone has a fun weekend!

Heading out!

Remember I said mom said we were going somewhere awesome at the end of the week? It's the end of the week and we're going! See, all packed up and ready ! I don't know where we're going, but I'm sure it'll be fun!

Wordless Wednesday, take one!

Well, almost wordless. Mom's seeing a buncha other doggie and kitty bloggers out there doin' it, so she wants to try, too! Now, let's see...