Missed one already!

Aw shucks, looks like I've already missed a day with my blog! Wait though, I have a good excuse! Wednesdays are my obedience school days! While that's fun enough on it's own, afterwards is even more fun, 'cause then mom and me get to go over to mom's boyfriend's house and I get to  play with Honey!

There's a picture of me and Honey from earlier in the year! See, Honey is Chris' (that's mom's boyfriend, by the way!) family's standard poodle. She and I really, really, really enjoy chasing each other around his house and playing tug with toys. She's lots of fun!

As a matter of fact, mom says we're going over there again tonight!

Oh wait, what's that mom? We're leaving now? Yay! Time for some play!

Hope everyone is having as fun a day as I'm about to go and have!


  1. Nothings better than playing with a friend, ENJOY!!



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