Vacation, our last day!

The day before had been all windy and grey, with a craaazy number of people on the beach. Our last day there, Sunday, was gorgeous! Mom wanted to go over into Cape May to see the lighthouse, and so we off we went! We got there and, wow! The beach by the condo may have been pretty empty, but here at the Cape May lighthouse there were lots of people! It looked like it was some sort of event, lots of people with lots of big, made-mom-jealous cameras. Apparently there's a bird and wildlife refuge right there next to the beach, which is what mom thinks the even had to do with. We stayed away from the people and went right out to the beach area and began walking.

There were a few places up the beach from the water were there were patches of tall grass. It was kinda cool.

And then there was this big thing:

Keep Off? Make me!
Mom says it's called a bunker and it was built back during something she called World War II. Whatever that is, it doesn't sound like it was a very good thing! Once we hit the bunker Mom wanted to keep going and walking, but was feeling back because I couldn't be as free to run around on my short little leash. She decided we should leave and head back to the beach by the condo, so I could be more free.

BUT not before a few more pictures, this time with the lighthouse she had wanted to see!

What? Turn around and look at the lighthouse thing? But there's a BIRD over there!

So that's pretty much my first ever most awesomest when-can-we-go-again?! vacation summed up! Well, mostly summed up. Mom has plenty more pictures she'd like to share, but she's having a hard time with blogger not wanting to let her put them where she wants them in the post currently, and it's turning her face a little red and she's beginning to say some words that are making my little puppy boy ears burn!

I'm pretty sure this means she should come and scratch them for me, and maybe play some tug with fox!


  1. This looks like a fun vacation. We would like to do this too. By the way, we looove poodles. We used to have two poodle sisters.-----All our love, Livvie and Kessie, from


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