Vacation, part 2!

In my last post I covered just the verrrrrry first day we arrived, I still have two whole more days to talk about and show off!

The next morning mom and my poppa woke up early (both are early birds!) and they say the sunrise was Beautiful!

Between you and me? I didn't much care, there was sand to play with!

We didn't stay out long, it was a bit chilly and we were all hungry for breakfast! The next time we went out it was very windy and no at all sunshine-y like it was the day before. Even though it was kind of icky out, mom and poppa decided we would still take a good long walk on the beach together. When we got out there, we discovered that despite the day the beach was very active! Since it was windy out, there were many people out there riding on these cart looking things, being pulled by what my mom said was a large kite.

Here's a picture of one that mom took as it zipped by!

There were also people riding by in what mom called 'sail sand boats'.

Here's three of them!

People riding these were all over on the beach!

When I first saw these things, I had no idea what to think, so I barked and tried to chase them. It took me awhile to calm down and realize that as long as I stayed out of their way they would just zip on by and leave us alone.  Once I realized that, I was able to enjoy out walk and the beach much more.

OMD birds! Must chase!
Those birds are just luck they're on the other side of this big puddle!
What is this thing?!
I saw this thing in a big puddle thing, but couldn't get at it. I did do a lot of barking at it to show it who was boss, though!
Showing off my noble poodle profile!

What's under here?

Yes, mom?
 On occasion my poppa would jog a bit ahead, and I would jog with him!

Since the beach was sooooo super busy and my recall isn't 100% yet, Mom kept me on my 15ft training lead.

Gotcha pant leg, dad!
This is mom's favorite picture of my dad and me. 

At the end of our walk, mom turned around to take a picture to show just how many of those sail sand boats and kite carts there were.

Each  of those little dots in the sky is a car kite! So many of them!

Before we headed back into the condo complex, mom and dad let me run crazy in the drier sand up the beach! The resulting romp ended up in a sand covered me!

Woohoo! Have I mentioned I LOVE this sand stuff?!

Since my dad said that my grandpawrents would kill us if we got sand all over the furniture, that mean I would need a bath first thing.

All clean, mom. Can I come up on the couch now?

And that was pretty much our Saturday! After we came in we hung around a little to recuperate from our walk (dad says we walked 5 miles! Whatever that means...). I pretty much passed out. Mom doesn't have a picture from her big camera of a sleepy me, but she did post one or two to my instagram

Tomorrow I'll post about the last day of my first vacation, Sunday! There was more walking, what mom called a lighthouse and this old big building thing!

Come back and visit me again tomorrow for a recap of that and more pictures!


  1. We just love that picture of you sitting on the sand with such a happy smile on your face, Wesley! Bring on more pictures!

    Love ya lots♥
    Mitch and Molly


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