Second post, and go!

My momma tells me it's fall, and that's why all the leaves that have been on the trees are now on the ground. They're pretty comfy too, when in a good enough pile.
She took this weird looking stick with her. I didn't trust it one bit. It had so many teeth on it, I though it might bite her! Wisely, I kept my distance as she fought with the whatever-it-is. She must have eventually won, because it then disappeared for awhile and she started to fun, important stuff: playing fetch with ME.
I LOVE bringing my wubba back to her...sometimes I just don't like to actually give it to her. She has to earn the right to throw it for me again!
And then it happened...she threw my wubba, I turned around the rock and there was the tooth-y stick thing again, hiding behind a tree!
I barked at it a few times to warn it off, but it didn't make any move...must have scared it stiff! Being the brave little poodle I am, I decided to go closer to investigate.

My ferocious warning must have been really terrifying, because it didn't make any more moves at all. After a minute more of investigation I decided that it was to scared to do anything else for fear of ME, and so decided to leave it alone. Mom is so very lucky I'm around to protect her! Who know what that sneaky, toothy-stick thing would have done otherwise! I'm sure it was hiding there, waiting to take revenge for her beating it before!
Yes, I'm sure that's what it was doing!