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Black and White Sunday

Sunday's are good days for naps with friends.

Today I'm joining on on the Black and White Sunday blog hop, hosted by Dachshund Nola and Sugar the Golden Retriever.

Sepia Saturday

There's nothing quite so good feeling as a nice long leg stretch, is there?

Joining in today on the Sepia Saturday bog hope, joint hosted by Ruckus the Eskie and Earl's World!

Mmmm Cheeseburgers!

Once upon a time, one day last week my Momma asked me if I thought today would be a good day to try some cheeseburgers.

Really?! What kind of silly question is that to ask!? OF COURSE it was a good day. It is ALWAYS a good day for cheeseburgers!

So as soon as she opened the door out to the patio I went right to where I know I had seen cheeseburgers come from many times before and sat to wait patiently for one of my very own to be ready.

It didn't take long before Momma walked over, lifted the lid and......

...revealed these Grandma Lucy's Tiny Tidbits Cheeseburger dog treats!  I admit, at first I was a liiiiiitttttttttle bit disappointed- then she explained that they were from my good friends at and all was right in the world!

ESPECIALLY once we took a peek at the bag of the bag! Look at all the good things about these treats! All natural, Made in the U.S.A, no by-products or preservatives, hormone and antibiotic free meats, wheat-free...whoa. So, with those things missi…

Wordless Wednesday


Weekdays walks

Lately Momma and I have gotten back out and walking again! This is a very exciting awesome thing, because the weather is perfect for it and all the trees are showing off such pretty fall colors. We've even gotten to see a waterfall ((which was kinda wimpy, actually. Momma hadn't realized just how little rain we've had this past summer until seeing the falls by her house and how not-roaring they were.)).

Here are some pictures from the walks we've been taking this past week. 

Wordless Wednesday

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Mischief Monday - Overdue Review!

Does it count as mischief if it's something that's really badly overdue?
Like, say, a review?
Back forever ago in the beginning of August Momma got an email from a Miss. Abby wondering if we'd like to do a review on Viva La Dog Spa products. Never one to miss out on trying something nifty and new, Momma said 'Yes, please!'

The stuff to try came quick after that...but then of course things started to happen (ie: Momma's camera ka-puting, the computer issues, my Pop Pop..all that) and my blogging...and reviewing...wound up taking a backseat to it all.

With everything getting back in order now, Momma said it was about time we got to that review!

...with, of course, apologies to Miss. Abby and those at Viva La Dog for it's extreme tardiness.

So anyway, what is this Viva La Dog stuff that we were so kindly sent to test out?

The two things sent to use were Viva Dog Facial Wipes, and Gold Medal Pets Oatmeal Soothing Dog shampoo. ((Wes' Momma: The shampoo conf…

Black and White Sunday

Joining up today with Dachshund Nola and Sugar the Golden Retriever for their Black and White Sunday blog hop!

Sepia Saturday

Saturday's are perfect days for napping, and my Momma's Poppa (who I refer to as 'Pop Pop') is very well versed in the art of the afternoon nap.
For those wondering, my Pop Pop has been doing well and a good portion of my Momma's nervous stress stuff over his health and all has lessened out. She says it's never going to go away completely, but now she's not in a constant start of crazy worry.

She refuses to give it up completely, because once she does she just knows that a bad thing will happen! ((Wes' Momma: Because that's the way these things work, you know. Once you let your guard down completely on whatever it is your guard is up about that thing your guarding against will happen.))

Joining in today with Ruckus The Eskie  and Earl's World on their Sepia Saturday blog hop!

Fall Fun

My momma's absolute favorite season is fall...and I'm finding out that it's mine too! Nice and cool out, lots of pretty colored leaves (which, I have to take Momma's word for as I can't see all the colors myself) and the smells!

Fall is pretty dang amazing. And you know what's realllllly fun?

Playing with the leaves!

Wordless Wednesday


Well, she thought we could blog again...

'She' being my momma, of course.
Between computer issues and camera issues, we hadn't been doing a lot of blogging. 
But then the computer got fixed and a new camera was acquired!
But still no blogging, despite it being a beautiful time of year ripe for fun and photos!

The reason? Momma has been nervous-stressed as well as sick.

Why nervous stressed?

Well, her Poppa came home again. There is a long saga story about her Poppa and his recent health issues. To sum it up back in December 2013 he was admitted to the hospital (he ended up having a perforated ulcer in his stomach that, had he waited any longer ((Wes Momma: My father is STUPID stubborn and was in bad stomach pain for about THREE DAYS before it got so bad he called 911 for himself)) to actually go to the hospital, could have killed him)  and then from that time on he was not home (first a few months stay in the hospital, then a few months in a physical rehab) again until the end of May 2014. He spent a week at home b…

Sepia Saturday

Joining in today on Ruckus the Eskie's Sepia Saturday blog hop.

Momma's new baby!

Momma has a 'new baby' in the house, and she is super excited about it! Me...I'm not sure sure.

My Poppa surprised her with it yesterday afternoon, knowing how frustrated and sad she's been about her Nikon D90.

I'm not sure how I feel about this at all. I was just getting used to not having her other camera thing always pointed at me!

Wordless Wednesday

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Savoring Summer's Flavor!

Is it just me, or is summer heading out the door way to quickly this year?! In my little corner of Pennsylvania trees are already started to burst into their fall colors and starting to litter the ground.
It makes for very pretty looking, but in the long run I am not ready for this season change yet! Summer just started, didn't it?!
Well, even if Summer is ending way to soon, no one ever said that the fantastic FLAVOR of Summer had to!

Fruitables Watermelon flavor treats - the perfect way to extend Summer (for at least 130 tastes) longer!
Now, to be honest I've never had watermelon. I don't even know what one looks like! Momma kept saying and saying that she was going to bring some home just for me to try and know what? She never did. THANKS FOR NOTHING MOM.
Now...not having had watermelon before I had no idea what to expect these to taste like. Does watermelon taste like chicken (which I'm not supposed to have..something about smelly farts and icky poops?) ? Or maybe…

Black and White Sunday

Image're on the wrong side of the pool fence...the side where I am not!

Joining in today with Dachshund Nola and Sugar the Golden Retriever for their Black and White Sunday blog hop!

Sepia Saturday

Another photo Momma already had on the computer...she cheated and edited it into sepia!

Why in Sepia?

'Cause it's Ruckus the Eskie's Sepia Saturday blog hop today!

ALSO...after looking at all the posts I've made Momma has come to realize that this is our 199th post! WOW!

Flashback Friday....

Flashback, because Momma's camera is still not working (and probably won't be until she get a new battery (At least for starters!)) and so has no fun new pictures of yours truely to share.

How far shall we flashback? How about...April! The beginning of spring, since we are starting to head into the beginning of another colorful season, Autumn!

In April the Hyacinths were blooming so pretty and fragrant!

Daffodils, too! Bright and cheery!

...and whatever these purple ground-cover flowers are!

You know what else September means? It's my half-year birthday mark! As of today I am exactly 1.5 years old.

Happy half-birthday to me!
...does that also mean Momma owes me a half-birthday cake?