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Special yummy for being good!

Since Momma wasn't feeling well again today, it means we didn't get to go out and go for walkies or play in the yard. Which is sad, because it was actually decently warm today, for January. Lately the temperatures have rarely been going above 20* it made it above 30*F and almost to 40*! It would have been a perfect day for a little walk down the road and some of my favorite game of fetch in the yard.

I am sad we did not get to do those things, but it's ok because I kept myself quite busy with my chews, or one of my stuffies or just napping and cuddling with Momma on the couch.

So for being such a good boy today, Momma gave me a special yummy treat that I had never had before...a hard boiled egg!

I had never had one of these before..but I sure do hope to have one again. This being a good boy thing certainly pays off!

Things seem to be back in order....

Image least with the computin' stuff.

With momma, that's another story. She has the plague the beginnings of a sickie, and so is making all kinds of awful noise from her nose and keeps on referring to the tissue box she's carrying with her as her new best friend.

So computer is back in working order, but momma went out of working order. 
Kind of funny, isn't it?

Wordless Wednesday


Still having some issues...

Yup. Momma is still having some issues with the computin' so blog things may be a bit sporadic for a little longer.

Luckily, there's not much going on here to be missed.

So until something actually happens, I'll just be napping in my sunspot here.

Black and White Sunday

Woofie, everyone! Hope all is well out here in Blogville...I've been very absent this week due to some computer issues at home. Hopefully they are all fixed up now so this new week I should be around again. If I am not...well....guess they weren't so fixed up afterall!

Tasty Tuesday : Banana Bites

Actually...Mom is REALLY excited about this one, because she LOVES cooking and baking. Actually before she even though of having a dog or having a dog-blog...she had a baking and cooking blog.

Or, well...she tried to have a baking and cooking blog.

It didn't last long for various reasons.

BUT ANYWAY...that's the past. What matter now is the present...and what's happening in the present?

Banana Bites are! 
Here are the ingredients, and the amounts for each one needed under the picture: 

(The above photo is a tad got curious about oils for dogs after taking it, and went online to do some quick research. In our recipe we used a light olive oil instead of the above pictured canola!)

After getting your stuffs together, you first want to mix all your wet ingredients together (milk, oil, honey, eggs and banana).  It should looks something like this:

Then just go ahead and mix in all the remaining dry ingredients (flour and oatmeal) until it makes a nice smooth batter.

Why I looked like a silly squirrel!

So...just why was I looking like a silly squirrel in the picture Momma posted of me for Black and White Sunday yesterday?

Here's the uncropped, in color version!

Momma was throwing snowballs for me yesterday! She hadn't done that before, and we found out that I really really love to jump after them!

And lastly...for a little dog like me...I can get A LOT of air! Look how high I can go!

Also, in some less fun news...momma asks that you keep her father in your thoughts. A little over a month ago he went into the hospital and had surgery for a perforated ulcer, and a week after had to have a second surgery because of an issue with the first. Since then he had been very weak and two weeks ago was sent from the hospital to a physical rehab to regain his strength.

This morning momma got a call that the rehab had to send him to the ER due to stomach distress and vomiting.

My momma is worried for her father, and just asks that you send a good thought out for him. She appreciates it quit…

Black and White Sunday

What's got me looking like a silly squirrel on black and white Sunday? Come on back tomorrow to find out!

Sepia Saturday

Today momma decided we should join in with Ruckus the Eskie's on his blog hop, Sepia Saturday.

We got some snow here today in Pennsylvania! Soon as Momma got home I wanted to be out in it. I love pushing it around with my nose.
Or did you guess that already? BOL.

Ready for the next big holiday!

Yupper puppers, I am! After all those holidays in a row last year...Halloween, Thanksgiving, Christmas, New Years....I didn't think I would ever ever ever hear that word again!

Now though, I'm ready! And Momma tells me that the next one is Valentines Day! A day for celebrating all kinds of love! Of course, it's still about a month away...but who says you can't get started a little bit early with some decoration?

Or maybe even a brand-new collar?

Look at what Mom got me!

She got it from a shop on etsy by the name of Dog Collars Etc. She wanted to get me something cute and fitting for coming Valentines day that wasn't too cutesy and girly and covered in hearts...and then she found this cupid collar and thought it was perfect!

She says the price was right, too. My collar, in a medium, cost ten dollars with no shipping costs. Pretty nice, right?

So now Momma's got me a spiffy collar...along with that she's gone and overhauled my blog for the holiday (though she sa…

Mr. Chewy asked ME to do a review!

Late last month I received and email, and no...this wasn't just any old email! This was an email from a Mr.Andrew of the super-amazing pet supply website In his email he asked if I might be interested in doing some reviews in 2014 on varying products for the website... well OF COURSE I was thrilled! Momma has used Chewy a few times in the past to get things for me ( mean that wasn't the toothie-fairy?!)  and EVERY TIME the product selection has been outstanding, the prices beyond reasonable, the customer service way beyond the topest notch, and the delivery time...Ha! What delivery time? It always seemed like as soon as she placed the order my things were at our door!

Chewy, in my own and my momma's opinions, is the best of the best when it comes to pet supply websites. We both highly recommend it! 
But now...about that review!

So Mr.Andrew asked if I'd like to do a review, and I told him YES! Shortly thereafter he sent another email with a variety…

Wordless Wednesday


Time Warp Tuesday blog hop!

Oh my dog was momma excited to see this hop going around! It's been grey and raining and dreary here allllll day long, and she wasn't sure what she was going to post for my blog today.

Then Mollie and Easy came to her rescue with their Time-Warp blog hop!

They say it's for both peeps and pooches, so Mom has decided to bite the bullet and go first.

The Momma I know looks quite different from the momma of the past.

Momma was never a small kid, actually she was quite overweight, and she was like that for a long time. All through school, and then for a few years after.

After she met poppa, she decided she needed to change. Not for him, though he may have been a catalyst (you would never know looking at the photo, but he too had lost a lot of weight. He became her biggest support and cheerleader, and still is) but for herself.

And now, in 2013 this is the momma I know.

And that's Mom's timewarp! MY turn!

Here's me as a tiny little baby puppy...when my eyes still loo…

Lazy day

It's Monday, and momma is off today. We came up to poppa's last night and he, Honey and I all had a really intense game of tug. Naturally my poppa and I won. Then this morning after dropping poppa off at work momma and I went for car trips to all sort of fun places...Petco, Pet Goods and Living Pawsitively. All places where I could go in, too! She's hoping that the more places she takes me where I'm welcome, the more of a chance there will be that at some point I will stop barking so much at people. As it is, I REALLY REALLY like to let people know when I'm around! Of course I do love going to these places, and I practically pull Mom through the doors to get in...something else she says she needs to work with me more on. Ha! We'll see about that one. Poppa told me once that she practically drags him into people stores sometimes...maybe I should tell her that I must get it from her! Think that'll help my case?

So after our running around this morning we …

Black and White Sunday

It's Sunday...time to join up with Dachshund Nola and Sugar The Golden Retriever for Black and White Sunday!

Pet Blogger Challange 2014 - My first time!

Hello all! Wesley's mom, Amanda, here about to take over his blog for a little bit. Why? Because zipping around the blogs today I discovered that today there's a survey of sorts going around and I wanted to participate in it! It's the Pet Blogger challange, being hosted by Will My Dog Hate Me and Go Pet Friendly.

Actually, that's a lie...I didn't discover it today...I rediscovered it today. I actually saw mention of it a few weeks ago and made a mental note to participate, I even copied all the questions and make an icon on my computer desktop labeled 'JAN 10 - DO THIS ON BLOG'.

Did that help at all? Nope. I completely forgot until my blog wanderings. Whoops.

The moral is that I'm a completely forgetful, swiss-cheese for brain human female participating in this challenge today so read on down below the link-image to see my responses to the questions asked!

 1. How long have you been blogging? Please tell us why you started blogging, and, for anyone stopp…

Not for you!

So yesterday Momma was putting away all her Christmas stuffs and/or attempting cleaning out the basement. In her efforts, she uncovered her birdfeeder from last winter.  She went out to get some seed for it, and a few birdbells and hung them up as soon as she got home.
She hung them on a double hooked shepards hook meant for her hanging plants in the warmer months, right on the corner of the porch by the window so we could watch the birds up close. Of course birds aren't the only ones super interested in birdfeeders., which is ok with Momma.

The very first visitor at our newly hung birdfeeders was....a squirrel.

Mom was not surprised. I was not happy and told the furry rat quite loudly all about it. BIRDfeeder, I told it. Not SQUIRRELfeeder!

Mom just told me to let it go, they need to eat in the winter too. And besides, they can be more fun to watch then the birds sometimes.

I am not at all sure I believe her, and I plan to keep a very watchful eye on the furry rat.