Black and White Sunday

Woofie, everyone! Hope all is well out here in Blogville...I've been very absent this week due to some computer issues at home. Hopefully they are all fixed up now so this new week I should be around again. If I am not...well....guess they weren't so fixed up afterall!


  1. Hey NEIGHBOR Wesley... How you doing? Got lots and LOTS of Snow??? We do... ... MORE than we want...
    Hey are you coming to the Queen of Hearts Dance??? Do you have a Date?? There are a LOT of wimmen lookin fur handsome guys to go with... Just sayin.
    Glad that you got your puter problems fixed up.

  2. Love the shadows on your face you're very cute! Love Dolly

  3. Great photo! Very cool lighting. :) I hope your computer issues are resolved soon!

  4. Love the picture! Hope your computer issues are fixed. Technology can be such a pain at times!

  5. Great photo! You have my sympathy with computer troubles! I hate them! : )

  6. We hope your puter issues are behind you, Wesley. What a great picture of you!

    Love ya lots♥
    Mitch and Molly

  7. Oh, I LOVES that pic of you!! You look FABulous! Hey, Ma just gots my puter thingies fixed, and it wasn't funs at all!! I hopes your Moms gets the puter fixed!! paws crossed!!
    Ruby ♥


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