Not for you!

So yesterday Momma was putting away all her Christmas stuffs and/or attempting cleaning out the basement. In her efforts, she uncovered her birdfeeder from last winter.  She went out to get some seed for it, and a few birdbells and hung them up as soon as she got home.

See! There they are.
She hung them on a double hooked shepards hook meant for her hanging plants in the warmer months, right on the corner of the porch by the window so we could watch the birds up close. Of course birds aren't the only ones super interested in birdfeeders., which is ok with Momma.

MOM! There's something else out there...and it's no bird!
The very first visitor at our newly hung birdfeeders was....a squirrel.

This fluffy little lady! 

Mom was not surprised. I was not happy and told the furry rat quite loudly all about it. BIRDfeeder, I told it. Not SQUIRRELfeeder!

Mom just told me to let it go, they need to eat in the winter too. And besides, they can be more fun to watch then the birds sometimes.

I am not at all sure I believe her, and I plan to keep a very watchful eye on the furry rat.


  1. Those squirrels can be ingenious when it comes to stealing other animals' food! Such rascals. You give the a good bark at every now and then, so the birds get a chance to eat too!
    Happy Friday!

  2. Stoopid tree rats! They're a nuisance wherever they go!

    Love ya lots♥
    Mitch and Molly

  3. They eat a lot more seed than the birds. We think you are right for trying to chase it away.


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