Why I looked like a silly squirrel!

So...just why was I looking like a silly squirrel in the picture Momma posted of me for Black and White Sunday yesterday?

Here's the uncropped, in color version!

Momma was throwing snowballs for me yesterday! She hadn't done that before, and we found out that I really really love to jump after them!

Throw it...I'm gonna get it! 


And lastly...for a little dog like me...I can get A LOT of air! Look how high I can go!

Also, in some less fun news...momma asks that you keep her father in your thoughts. A little over a month ago he went into the hospital and had surgery for a perforated ulcer, and a week after had to have a second surgery because of an issue with the first. Since then he had been very weak and two weeks ago was sent from the hospital to a physical rehab to regain his strength.

This morning momma got a call that the rehab had to send him to the ER due to stomach distress and vomiting.

My momma is worried for her father, and just asks that you send a good thought out for him. She appreciates it quite a lot.


  1. We are certainly thinking of him, hugs and prayers.
    Stella rose

  2. You know how to have fun in the snow! Get those snowballs!

    We will sure send sum good thoughts your way. We know fur sure that Power of the Paw works!

  3. That is one big snowball, Wesley!
    Your mom's dad will be in our thoughts and prayers.

    Love ya lots♥
    Mitch and Molly

  4. I like playing with snow balls too! Sending pawrayers for your momma's dad.

  5. OKAY..... I hopped to your post from your comment to me... I think I now am following you.
    Thanks fur stopping by. Welcome to Blogville! What pawt of PA are you in? Do you know Tionesta?


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