Cold, Snowy Night

...anyone else out there having some super winter weather happening? We are here in my corner of Pennsylvania! Lots of snow is coming down, and dog oh dog is it cold out there! Momma says the what the weather humans are calling winter storm Hercules is here, and we're supposed in an area where it's projected to get 8"-10" of snow.

...8 to 10 inches?! That's almost more snow then I am tall!
Mom and I were supposed to go over the poppa's house tonight. I have a grooming appointment for tomorrow and Momma has an appointment somewheres, too, and poppa's house is closer to where all this is. We could technically still go...but there is a problem. No, it's not Hercules...not yet, anyway.

This Hercules storm isn't causing to much trouble yet...this is what it looked like outside half and hour ago!

The problem is the house heater! Mom says that this house stays nice and warm when it's cold outside due to an oil fuel heater...the problem right now is the fuel lines that bring the fuel from outside to inside the house have frozen up! Now this doesn't mean that the house is without heat...that's why Momma and I are staying here in PA tonight.

This is what's going to keep the house warm!

The heat back-up plan is this thing behind me...she calls it a kerosene heater. This will keep the house warm...but it needs someone in the house to make sure it doesn't go out of fluid OR cause a fire. So...Mom and I are on the job tonight! 

This is ok with me...Mom mentioned something about baking to also help keep things warm! Maybe she'll let me help, too!

...and hopefully helping doesn't involve that stupid apron!

Is anydog else out there dealing with this Hercules guy tonight? How are you going to pass the time as it snows?


  1. We are closing in on 2 feet of snow here. Stay safe with that heater thingy.

  2. We have storm Bethany in CT, Wesley, and it sounds very much like your Herc storm in PA. We hope you get to lick the spoon if your mom bakes. Stay safe, buddy!

    Love ya lots♥
    Mitch and Molly

  3. Oh, I saw that big snow storm on the weather news last night. Thankfully, I am here in South Florida so no snow...but it did get a bit cooler with that front moving in, which is nice (since it was 86 degrees yesterday).

  4. Now that is a blizzard. Don't sink in that stuff


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