Lazy day

It's Monday, and momma is off today. We came up to poppa's last night and he, Honey and I all had a really intense game of tug. Naturally my poppa and I won. Then this morning after dropping poppa off at work momma and I went for car trips to all sort of fun places...Petco, Pet Goods and Living Pawsitively. All places where I could go in, too! She's hoping that the more places she takes me where I'm welcome, the more of a chance there will be that at some point I will stop barking so much at people. As it is, I REALLY REALLY like to let people know when I'm around! Of course I do love going to these places, and I practically pull Mom through the doors to get in...something else she says she needs to work with me more on. Ha! We'll see about that one. Poppa told me once that she practically drags him into people stores sometimes...maybe I should tell her that I must get it from her! Think that'll help my case?'s your fault I pull!
So after our running around this morning we returned to poppa's to wait for him to finish his work day. 

What's the best way to wait, you ask?



  1. That sound like a great way to spend your day. We love going to places like that. I don't pull but I do bounce up and down when I walk. I just get so excited!



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