Furcut and Saturday with Honey!

So despite it being cold cold COLD out...Momma got my furscut yesterday. She was very apologetic about it, telling me when she made the appointment two weeks ago she didn't expect the weather to be so very cold. I'm not sure I believe her OR forgive her at all yet.
My new cut. They had to shave my ears because one was matted up.
 After my furcut we got to go to poppa's house where Honey was already outside waiting for me to play with her in the snow.
 Which, of course I was super happy to do!

During the play I would keep running out of the snow, because I don't know if anyone ever told you guys this...but that stuff is COLD. AND I just got all my furs cut off. AND momma still hasn't gotten me a proper coat! (Wes' Momma: Everywhere I go to look for one they don't have one that fits. All other sizes available, but not one that fits Wes! I've been trying!)  So the snow play didn't really last very long.

We continued to play around inside with out squeaky balls. Mom had gotten me a pack of three that were just right for me a few weeks ago...and then one bigger one for Honey's big mouth. As it turns out...we often trade off and I'LL have to big one and leave Honey one of my smaller ones.

Of course all that running around can leave a guy pretty pooped out, so some sun-puddle recharging is in order now and then.

Hope everyone's Saturday is as good as mine!


  1. Snow play is so much fun. Looks like you and Honey were having a good time. Hope your furs grow back quick.

  2. We're twinsies, Wesley! Mom gave me a hAirecut yesterday and I didn't even have an appointment. She said I looked like a moppet and it had to go! At least now we have less fur for the snow to get stuck on, right?

    Love ya lots♥

  3. Sorry you had to play in the snow nekked, but one does what one must. I have a lovely fleece jacket from Ruffwear. Don't know if they would have your size, but worth a try. http://www.ruffwear.com/Climate-Changer-Fleece-Jacket



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