Special yummy for being good!

Since Momma wasn't feeling well again today, it means we didn't get to go out and go for walkies or play in the yard. Which is sad, because it was actually decently warm today, for January. Lately the temperatures have rarely been going above 20*F...today it made it above 30*F and almost to 40*! It would have been a perfect day for a little walk down the road and some of my favorite game of fetch in the yard.

I am sad we did not get to do those things, but it's ok because I kept myself quite busy with my chews, or one of my stuffies or just napping and cuddling with Momma on the couch.

So for being such a good boy today, Momma gave me a special yummy treat that I had never had before...a hard boiled egg!

...what are you? Are you food?

You are tasty...you must be food! 

On-nom-nom...so good.

Oooh this is the best part! 

I had never had one of these before..but I sure do hope to have one again. This being a good boy thing certainly pays off!


  1. Wesley.... that is a REALLY special treat. We have NEVER had an ENTIRE EGG like that. You are lucky.
    hope your mom gets wellSpeedy Quick.

  2. We've tried some hard boiled eggs but we've never had a whole one each.

  3. Yummy! I'm intolerant to eggs, so I'm not allowed them. :(

  4. Dat looks like a good treat! My eggy weggies is usually scrambled.

  5. That used to be a part of angel Maggie's diet and it was always her getting them and never me! You are so lucky, Wesley! We need to have a talk with our mom about this!

    Love ya lots♥

  6. I would have been a little skeptical of this new treat, too. But no better way to investigate than with your mouth!


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