Mr. Chewy asked ME to do a review!

Late last month I received and email, and no...this wasn't just any old email! This was an email from a Mr.Andrew of the super-amazing pet supply website In his email he asked if I might be interested in doing some reviews in 2014 on varying products for the website... well OF COURSE I was thrilled! Momma has used Chewy a few times in the past to get things for me ( mean that wasn't the toothie-fairy?!)  and EVERY TIME the product selection has been outstanding, the prices beyond reasonable, the customer service way beyond the topest notch, and the delivery time...Ha! What delivery time? It always seemed like as soon as she placed the order my things were at our door!

Chewy, in my own and my momma's opinions, is the best of the best when it comes to pet supply websites. We both highly recommend it! 

But now...about that review!

So Mr.Andrew asked if I'd like to do a review, and I told him YES! Shortly thereafter he sent another email with a variety of treats to chose from and boy-oh-boy did they all look good! It took me about FOREVER to pick just one, but eventually I did.

This is what I chose! Fromm's Cranberry Liver treats!

I, with the help of my Momma, chose the Fromm Cranberry Liver treats.  Now, I am no stranger to the Fromm Family line of foods (my mealtimes are currently Fromm's grain-free Surf-n-Turf kibble mixed with some variety of Wellness canned food) so I just knew I was in for something really good when it came to their treats!

One of the things my Momma likes to look for in my treats and foods is an easy-to-understand ingredient list. The longer the list, the more room for strange unknown words and additives in what I'm eating. With these treats there is no question about anything in them, she can count them on one paw hand!

 Wheat flour, Wisconsin cranberries, chicken liver, salt, garlic powder

So so so so soooooo easy! One thing to note is that these are not a grain free treat, so for any of my furiends with grain allergies I am sorry but these may not be for you.

Another thing to mention about these treats is this: they are each only ONE CALORIE each. Now, I don't really know what a calorie is or what it has to do with my foods, but momma assures me they are bad things that can make you fat if you eat too many of them.

Now...since these only have one little calorie each, that means I can have the whole bag a bunch of them at once, right? 

Oh, but I have to give them a try first to see if I even like them! 

Ok Momma, let's open it up!

Oooo they look so good....!

I think I'll just take this one here...

What do you mean I still can't have it yet?! You want me to show my furiends the shape and size of the treats?!


Shaped almost like a little clover, just about the size of a quarter. 
There! They've seen the shape and size...can I PUH-LEESE try it for MYSELF now?!

Really...what's a dog have to do to get a taste of his own treat around here...

Oh there it is...looks so good...

Now to have a taste....!!

For such a little treat...these guys pack a very powerful Crunch! (If you'd like to hear just how much of one, you can check out the short instagram video momma made of me practicing a 'leave it!' with them.) Other then the loud crunch...what else did I think of Fromm's Cranberry Liver treats?


Once I had one, I wanted another one. And another one...and then another one! And, since they do only have one calorie each, Momma didn't feel bad about giving me a few more.

So, my expert doggie opinion? Really really really super crunchy-delicious treats! Crossing my paws and hoping that this isn't the first and only time Momma has a bag of these in my treat basket!

(Note:  We received one free bag of Fromm Cranberry Liver treats in return for a full, honest review.  All opinions expressed in this post are 100% our own and freely given. Any links included throughout this blog post are just in case someone is curious themselves about the websites and/or product mentioned. )


  1. I've done those Mr. Chewy reviews. Great way to score noms.


  2. Hi Y'all!

    Oh my they are so tiny! I'd probably eat my Human's hand tryin' to get my treat!

    Y'all come by now,
    Hawk aka BrownDog

  3. You are making those treats look soooooooooooooo good, Wesley! We love Chewy! He's the bestest!

    Love ya lots♥
    Mitch and Molly

  4. What a Pawfect review but youz juzt teasing us, we dont'z get'z those over the pond xxxoxxxx

    Mollie and Alfie


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