January 17, 2017

#ChewyInfulencer time!

Hello Blogville!

Today is a very special day...it's Chewy review day! Being out from blogging for quite awhile, it's also been quite awhile since there's been a review for Mr. Chewy.

Not that the gloriousness of Chewy and all those wonderful people who work for the company had been forgotten about! Miss. Sydney has always been super wonderful, and we all wish to her THE BEST EVER on her new promotion! While those monthly emails from Miss.Sydney will be missed...it's super exciting to now get to know and work with Miss. Natalie in this new year!
Speaking of Miss. Natalie...she had quite the list of try-ables for January! Lots of good things, but one thing caught stood out, and that was the Evanger's Gently Dried Treats - to be a bit more specific about it, the Evanger's Nothing But Natural Beef Tripe Gently Dried Treats.

Now, neither Honey nor I have ever in the history of ever had tried beef tripe - we didn't even know what it was! Mom said she knew what it was, and had heard in the past that it's supposed to be something super good for us.
From the back of the bag: There's nothing more than pure beef tripe, which is a unique protein rich in essential fatty acids! Because of the palatability and wholesomeness of these gently dried treats, they are excellent for finicky pets or pets with food sensitivities, as well as for use as a training reward or food mixer.

Mom opened the bag and....oh boy...the smell! DIVINE.

They weren't kidding with the mark on the front proclaiming 'Smelly Belly'.

The treats were all varying lengths, but most seemed to be about the size pictured above.

And now the best part....the taste testing...

Honey wasted absolutely no time in claiming her bit of dried tripe from Mom.

Me, I needed to check it out a bit first. You know, give it a really good sniff over. 

Honey, on the other hand, really went to town with her piece! By the time I carefully took my bit from Mom's hand....

Honey was already done and staring down Mom hoping for another piece.

Since she was so eager and seemed to enjoy them so much, Mom obliged.

Meanwhile, I carefully chewed my first piece and really thought about the flavors and texture of this new treat.

Honey for sure gave this treat four paws way up. She loved it! She is a girl who really enjoys a good, stinky treat!

Me, on the other hand....well...I like them. They probably wouldn't be found on my top-ten favorite list, but I could enjoy one now and then I think.

However...seeing how Honey really enjoys them...maybe I'll just be the good little guy I am  and leave them all for her...

Oh...also...before I forgot to mention...this is SPARTA a blog hop! This blog hop is hosted by the most sweetest Sugar the Golden Retriever and the ever adventurous Oz the Terrier.

((Disclaimer: Opinion of these treats is 100% honest and our own. Except for receiving one (1) bag of Evanger's Nothing but Natural Beef Tripe Gently Dried Treats free of charge from the pet-supply website Chewy.com , we were in no other way compensated. ))

January 15, 2017

Black and White Sunday

It's another Sunday....which means we're joining up with Dachshund Nola and Sugar the Golden Retriever for their weekly Black and White Sunday blog hop.

Link in and hop along!

January 6, 2017


When Honey and I go out into the yard she turns into some kind of demanding beast.

Add a little snow on the ground and oh boy...she won't let me be!

I do occasionally like to run around and play, but when outside I am more likely to just enjoy sniffing around the yard.

Honey is super persistent in her pestering requests to run around and play though. 

Eventually I have to just stop her and give her a 'Seriously? Leave me alone!' look.

Not that it ever seems to matter...

January 4, 2017

Wordless Wednesday : Ask and ye shall receive

Ahh sunshine...thank you for showing up today!

Today I'm joining in with Blogpaws for the Wordless Wednesday blog hop.