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What was on the lake?

Yesterday for Wordless Wednesday I posted a picture from the walk around the lake my mom and I took. It was a very foggy day...

I've taken pictures on this rock before and usually there is a nice lake behind could never tell that yesterday!
It was also pretty dang muddy out!

Here's another picture of what was on the lake yesterday. I showed just one in my photo yesterday...but there was actually a mated pair of them!

Those white things behind me were a pair of swans!

Mom loved watching them in the fog, but went back today to get a few better pictures of them. And this time on the lake, there was no fog and much more then just swans!
There were these guys all hanging out together.

And also one of these guys:

Heron's are her favorite thing to see on the lake. She thinks they are just such cool birds!
But anyway!
Looks like my last post of 2015 has gone to the birds!
Today is the last of 2015, and neither Mom or I can believe it! Where did it go so fast!?
None of ou…

Wordless Wednesday

Can you see what's on the foggy lake behind me?

Today I am, once again, joining in with Blogpaws on their Wordless Wednesday (the last of 2015!) blog hop.

A bit of wintery weather

Finally we've got a bit of weather that looks more like winter!
Mom would be complaining, but she too much wanted to see a little bit of winter white. 
And a little bit is just what we got. 
It looks like snow, but really it seemed to be mostly ice.

What? You want us to go out there?

Well, ok... I'll go...
....but Honey says 'absolutely not'.

Mom quick! Look over there...something in the tree!

It's a cardinal! Look how bright red he is against all the dull colors of winter.

Alright Mom...I came, I saw a bird, I did my business (both kinds!)...but now I'm cold and it's wet and I'm ready to head back inside. 

Black and White Sunday

Joining up today with Dachshund Nola and Sugar the Golden Retriever for their Black and White Sunday blog hop.

Christmas Recap!

Hope that everyone had a very merry Christmas, and that everyone got lots of good things!
My Christmas was a very nice one...thought I really didn't get anything Christmas morning. 
Well, no. I got lots of love and scratches...and that's perfectly a-ok by me!
We started with my dad's Mom, Donna, making up breakfast.

After breakfast it was time to head into the other room to open up some presents.

The 25th isn't only Christmas's also my uncle Kevin's birthday! He's the baby of the family and freshly turned 23. For some reason or another, he makes me nervous. I bark at him overtime he comes onto the room and act very nervous around him. No one knows why, though Chris and my uncle Steve think it's hilarious. 
'That's right, Wes! Don't go near that shady guy Kevin!'
Mom scolds Dad when he says that.
Since it was Kevin's birthday and he was sitting at the time and not so scary, I though maybe I could offer to let him pet me a li…

Merry Christmas!!

Honey and I just wanted to wish all all our friends, and anyone else who may happen across my blog!, a very Merry Christmas! Tomorrow I'll poke and prod my mom into posting about all today's fun, it's been busy -whew!

Wordless Wednesday

Joining in today with Blogpaws on their Wordless Wednesday blog hop.

Snow freak!

((WARNING!! If you are sensitive or if you have any sort of empathy for the evil snowfreaks you may want to skip over this blog've been warned!))

A SNOWFREAK! What are YOU doing here?!

I know all about your kind! I've been warned and have seen what the horrors poor Frankie and Ernie have gone through. As a matter of fact they are still missing from Blogville...what have you Snowfreaks done with them?
Maybe even to them?!

Are you the beginning freak of a Snowfreak invasion here?! A scout, maybe?!
If I dispatch of you, hopefully that'll stop an invasion!

Take that, Snowfreak!

There! You won't be able to get back to your Snowfreak friends without any eyes!
But...what if you can get back by smell?! 

Better get rid of your nose, too!

There! That should do it...
But wait...what if even without eyes or nose you can still somehow get back there...better take care of your feet ( you even have feet?!) too.
Just in case. Gotta make certain that you can't…

Black and White Sunday

Today I'm joining up with Dachshund Nola and Sugar the Golden Retriever for their Black and White Sunday blog hop.

-- star

Sepia Saturday

Joining up today with Ruckus the Eskie and Earl's World for their Sepia Saturday blog hop.

Wordless Wednesday

Today I'm joining in with Blogpaws' Wordless Wednesday blog hop!

It's Chewy Review Time!

Hey Mom, I feel like it's been awhile since we've done a review for's about time, isn't it?!
So...what tasty thing do I get to give my 100%-cross-my-heart-honest-doggie opinion to for December?!'s Merrick's Venison Holiday Stew! Now I've had Merrick products before and they are always tasty. Merrick always has something they call their Five Star Promises, which Mom really likes. 
What exactly are those promises?
Local Growers -NO ingredients from China, with all ingredients sourced from local farms across the USA.Real, Whole Foods - they only use the freshest ingredients. They also do not use any additives, sweeteners or preservativesMerrick's own Kitchen! -All their recipe making, packing and shipping occurs in ONE place.Balanced Nutrition - Every Merrick recipe starts the same way: deboned meat! After all is said and done, each bowl of Merrick's dry recipes has a guaranteed protein level of 30-38%...and that's all t…