November 25, 2015

November 24, 2015

From scruff to fluff

In preparation for the upcoming holiday Wesley went to go visit Aggie, his groomer, yesterday. 

Before, he was my scruffy and adorable little poodle dude:

Hey...wait a minute...

...who you calling a rag-a-muffin! 

But now he's my FLUFFY and adorable little poodle dude!

Hehe! I just love seeing his little poodle feet, and his long fluffy ears! 

November 22, 2015

November 18, 2015

November 17, 2015

What Wesley Did: Day One

We arrived at the shore early Friday morning. We left from northern NJ at something like 4am so we could arrive at around 7-ish and have three full days. Chris drove, I sort of semi-slept and Wesley spent the ride comatose in my lap. If there is one thing this dog does, it's travel well; He just sleeps the whole time.

So we get there, get our stuff in and out to the beach Wesley and I go (Chris stayed in and crashed out after the drive for awhile.)!

First thing on Wesley's list of things to do at the beach?

Pee on all the things.

This post thing? It's mine now.

Thing he forgot to do while looking for more things to pee on and smelling all the smells? 

Watch for the incoming ocean water.

AH! It's coming!

It didn't take him to long to find a lone seagull to chase after.

Hey you - bird! Get back here!

It was pretty windy that day, so he took some time to enjoy the feeling of it on his face. Behind him to the left you can see the Wildwood boardwalk.

We went back inside for awhile after about an hour to check in with Chris. I brought along his favorite Skineez raccoon toy and we had a good game of tug and fetch.

Come on Mom! Take 'Coon and let's tug some more!

Wesley took some time to lay in the warm sun puddle in front of the balcony sliding door. He always looks like a  little frog with his rear legs flattened out like that! 

Who you calling' froggy, Mom?

With the fall season the days are, while beautiful, far to short and so evening came much to fast. While it was still light enough out we went out to play and explore the beach a bit more.

The tide had gone out, so it was fun to walk the water's edge and see what had been deposited on the shore. 

Lots of little shells and things to smell and check out.
I am so very glad for photography - for the ability to be able to freeze moments in time like this. While there's nothing incredibly special about the moment, it was still a beautiful one with the way the light and colors were.

And come on, isn't Wesley just a great little model for me to aim a camera at? :)

November 16, 2015

A Tour

If you saw my post on Sunday, you know that Wesley, Chris and I all headed down this past weekend to one of our favorite get-aways. This get-away is at Wildwood Crest, NJ...smack between the Wildwood of boardwalk fame and Cape May, Nj. The 'apartment' we stay in is co-owned by Chris' parents and another family who they are close with. 

During the summer they rent the unit out to families vacationing, and so during the summer season it's pretty much always in use. 

During the off-season it's usually up for grabs. Both Chris and I find the off season to be much more appealing as, while you can't really swim (unless you like that polar bear type swimming!), you pretty much have the place to yourself.

I took pictures of the unit this go around to show, because I really just LOVE it. Donna, Chris mother, has a talent in interior design as well as dentistry! lol

When you first walk in you see the living area straight ahead. To the further right is a closet and small laundry room. 

Look to the left and you have the kitchen and a small hallway.

Donna just had the kitchen re-done before the summer season started.

I just love it! When Chris and I finally get a place, I am letting this woman loose in the house to decorate and all for me. lol

From the above picture, to the left is a hallway that leads to a bathroom (the open door on the left), a small closet, two bedrooms (one you can see at the very end of the hall, the other bedroom would be to the right of the visible one) and an owners closet (directly across from the bathroom).

This is the bedroom at the end of the hall. Usually the plastic table and chairs are NOT there between the beds. LOL There is a sliding door where the open curtains are that lead to a small balcony...during the summer that plastic furniture lives there. 

And this is the second bedroom...complete with Wesley! 

Come back out into the living room...if my camera were a but wider you'd see the door to the master bedroom to the right of where the lamp closest to the right edge of the photo is.

....and me, standing in the door of the master bedroom reflected in mirrored closet doors...

Master bedroom...and look! Wesley again! 

View of living room from master bedroom doorway...more sliding doors out to balcony.

And out those sliding doors?

A view of the Seapoint Village (the name of the complex) pool and the Atlantic ocean.

To the right side more of the property (Seapointe Village) and the bay in the distance. 

Here's one more picture, from the beach of the Seapointe village complex!

And Wesley. ;-)

Tommorrow I'll show some pictures of some of our fun walking the beach. 

Which, of course, will have more Wesley then these! 

November 15, 2015

Black and White Sunday

Hello all! Today we're joining in with the gorgeous Dachshund Nola and Sugar the Golden Retriever for their Black and White Sunday blog hop!

Wesley, Chris and I had a three-day mini-vacation this weekend down at the shore. Chris snapped this picture of me and Wesley hanging out by the water.

November 7, 2015

Hiking in the Gap

Not to far from our stomping grounds is the Delaware Water Gap National Recreation Area. It's a really pretty area, and I've driving through it numerous times in my life. I've always said that I wanted to do some of the hiking trails that wind throughout the area, and today seemed like a good day.

Our little hiking party consisted of myself, Wesley and Chris.

The blue dot trail was VERY uphill. 

Unsurprising...considering it was us climbing the mountain!

Of course...Wesley made sure to leave plenty of pee-mail all along as we went.

When we realized we were finally hitting the top and it was almost time to start heading back down! WOOHOO! Treeline!

This was the view from the top of the mountain. That's the Delaware river there on the right, and on the other side of the river is Pennsylvania.

A picture of me and Wesley at the top. I took the picture just above from where we are sitting in the picture below...Chris refused to get any closer. lol

Another view-point. Again with the Delaware behind me...New Jersey to the left and Pennsylvania to the right of it.

We ran into A LOT of people coming back down on the red, or Mt. Tammany, trail. Felt like a bunch of trout heading upstream against all the other hikers. lol  A lot of the way down was steepish rock scrambles that looked a lot like this one:

More views with me and Wesley as we came back down.

The last rock scramble!

Wesley did really, REALLY amazingly good. There were other people on the trail with their dogs (among then we saw a lot of pit bulls, a Burmese Mountain dog, and a few border collies) and everyone seemed surprised with their bigger dogs to see my little miniature poodle hitting the trail!

All in all we had quite a lot of fun...and I can't wait to head out and do it again on a different trail before it gets to cold out.