Time Warp Tuesday blog hop!

Oh my dog was momma excited to see this hop going around! It's been grey and raining and dreary here allllll day long, and she wasn't sure what she was going to post for my blog today.

Then Mollie and Easy came to her rescue with their Time-Warp blog hop!

They say it's for both peeps and pooches, so Mom has decided to bite the bullet and go first.

The Momma I know looks quite different from the momma of the past.

Summer camp, circa...2000, maybe? Momma was about 14 or 15. She's the girl in the bottom right.

Momma was never a small kid, actually she was quite overweight, and she was like that for a long time. All through school, and then for a few years after.

Circa 2007. 

2009! One of the first pictures of her and poppa. It was like Jack Sprat and his wife then...

After she met poppa, she decided she needed to change. Not for him, though he may have been a catalyst (you would never know looking at the photo, but he too had lost a lot of weight. He became her biggest support and cheerleader, and still is) but for herself.

And now, in 2013 this is the momma I know.

Me and momma, summer 2013!

And that's Mom's timewarp! MY turn!

Here's me as a tiny little baby puppy...when my eyes still looked blue! This is a picture momma was emailed from the woman who own my birth momma.

Late April/Early May 2013

Then in June my momma came to pick me up...and this is the first picture Momma ever took of me!

It was love already!
 And how can there be a first picture with Momma without a first picture with my Poppa?

I was so tiny then!

Those pictures were both taken back in June, when I was 3 months old...but now it's time to warp forward to today! On the 21st of January I will officially be 9 months old and have been loving with Momma for 7 months!

This is me today...or, well...two days ago...because Momma didn't take any pictures today and the pictures she took yesterday are on poppa's computer at his house!

Now this IS a blog hop, so be sure to jump around to check out everyone else past blast, too!


  1. Wow…. you have really grown up in 6 months. I didn't know dat you were only ~9 mo old. You are such a sweetie.
    Hey….. I have a ball just like yours. Go figure.

  2. Wow!!! You and your mom both look great. You are quite grown up now.

  3. We like both your before and afters. Way to go mom!

  4. Wow, your Mom looks fantastic :) Well done for losing all that weight. My Mom needs to lose a stone and is struggling like mad. You were such a tiny cutie Squeeeeeeeeeel :). Thanks for joining in, it's great meeting new furbuddies xxxoxxxx

    Mollie and Alfie

  5. You look like a stuffie in your first baby picture, Wesley! OMD, what a cutie you were and still are!
    Congratulations to your mom! She looks fabulous!

    Love ya lots♥
    Mitch and Molly


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