A new, snow white world

Wow....look at it all!
So Hercules has come and done, and left LOTS of white snow around to remember him by!

Mom debated on getting on a ruler to get a true reading on how much snow we got, but figured 'more then enough' would be an accurate description. What do I think of it?

I love running though it! It's light and fluffy...but so cold! When Momma checks her phone for temp it tell her it's on 1*F outside. ONE DEGREES. And that's NOT including the feel with the wind. No wonder she went outside looking like this.
Wes' Mom: Just missing my other hat, coat and gloves!

One degrees is also why I don't stay outside very long....as a matter of fact....

....cold now. Can I go back in, mom?


  1. OMD it is freezing there!!! The snow sure looks pretty though. Stay warm.

  2. We didn't get to play outside very long either, Wesley. Our moms are in total agreement that today was much too cold!

    Love ya lots♥
    Mitch and Molly

  3. We've dipped into the negative numbers here right now. We only go out for a quick pee and then right back in.


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