Ready for the next big holiday!

Yupper puppers, I am! After all those holidays in a row last year...Halloween, Thanksgiving, Christmas, New Years....I didn't think I would ever ever ever hear that word again!

Now though, I'm ready! And Momma tells me that the next one is Valentines Day! A day for celebrating all kinds of love! Of course, it's still about a month away...but who says you can't get started a little bit early with some decoration?

Or maybe even a brand-new collar?

Look at what Mom got me!

A new collar!

She got it from a shop on etsy by the name of Dog Collars Etc. She wanted to get me something cute and fitting for coming Valentines day that wasn't too cutesy and girly and covered in hearts...and then she found this cupid collar and thought it was perfect!

Here, look at it again!
She says the price was right, too. My collar, in a medium, cost ten dollars with no shipping costs. Pretty nice, right?

So now Momma's got me a spiffy collar...along with that she's gone and overhauled my blog for the holiday (though she says the background might go, *I* say it's fine and she should give me another treat play tug with me leave it alone...) and soon she plans on sending in a nice picture of me to my furiend Ranger so he can dress me up handsome for the Queen of Hearts dance being hosted by Mayoress Madi!

I'm so excited about it! This will be my first ever dance...I just hope I don't like like a silly squirrel or something when the time comes! 

Oh...! One other thing! I need a DATE for the dance!

...would you like to go to the Queen of Hearts dance with me?

....wait, what was that Momma?

I'm still to young to start going out with girls?! 


Oh well...even though I can't have a date yet...I'm sure I'll still have lots and lots of fun!


  1. Hey Wesley maybe we can go stag together. My mom says I'm kind of young for a date too.


  2. Wesley - I am so happy dat you will be stopping by Rangebrant Photo Studios. After you get all dressed up in your formalwear…. I'm sure all the single girls at dat dance will be beggin you to dance wiff dem.
    I love your new collar.

  3. You look so handsome in your new red collar and your blog looks so beautifully festive, Wesley!

    Love ya lots♥
    Mitch and Molly

  4. You look super Handsome, we can't wait for the ball :) xxooxxx

    Mollie and Alfie

  5. You're better off going stag. Girls can be so bossy.



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