A much better day!

All that rain and gross weather from yesterday has cleared away to leave a beautiful day for today! My momma is still feeling not 100% due to her cold, but with enough cold meds she is feeling mostly human again. She even got me something from where she works...my very own pumpkin! And it's a big one, too!
She's been doing research on orchards and pumpkin patches that are dog friendly in the area so I can come along, but her search isn't turning up as much as she'd hoped. She's turned up plenty of places where us four-pawed family members used to be allowed, but are no longer. It seems like to many of our human parents and siblings didn't do their duty by removing our doodie in previous years, and so us dogs are no longer welcome. It makes mom a bit sad...she thought it would be lots of fun. It's things like that that just make her more determined to be a good poodle momma, complete by making sure my doodie never ruins anyone else's fun!


  1. Yah dont they realize that every place would be so much more fun if we were allowed to come??

    jazzi and Addi


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