Fall Hike

It was a really pretty day yesterday, and mom decided that we would use that as an excuse to do a little bit of walking/hiking in the afternoon. There's another dog blogger out there by the name of Shawnee who goes on hikes allllllll the time with her pawrent. (You can go over over here to visit Shawnee's blog!) Shawnee's pawrent also has a blog where she gives well-detailed instructions about their hike and how to get to these places (Visit the blog, Gone Hikin'.) Well, mom momma was THRILLED when she visited Gone Hikin', because lots of the places Shawnee had hiked where prettttty close to us! So for our hike yesterday she picked one of the places Shawnee and her mom had gone and off we went. We DID cut our hike a little shorter because she wasn't sure we were ready for a 10 mile long hike just yet, and also unsure how long that would take us to do even if we were (the days ARE shorter, afterall). She's promised me that since we enjoyed this shorter version so well this go around that we would try again for the longer version sometime soon!
Just a pretty picture in the very start of the trail mom took! 
Well mom, dad?! Aren't you coming! We've got some moving to do!
Intresting smells on this green stuff...
Mom called this the dragon tree...
...and of course poppa felt the need to keep us safe and had to fight it...
Then they made ME pose in it's open mouth! 
...anoyone home in here?!
More fun smells here.
Come on mom, hurry up!
So much fun, hiking! 

Mom says the hike we did was about 5 miles, and it pooped me out! On the way back I slept on dad's lap...I needed to regain all my energy because we were going back to dad's house where Honey had been waiting for me to come over and play!

I reall realllllly realllllllllllllllllly hope we can go out and do more hiking soon! 

So any of you guys go hiking or walking anywhere fun?!


  1. Romping through fall leaves is fun. We go for mini walks.

  2. Five miles is a long way, Wesley! We love hiking at Sleeping Giant but we haven't been there in awhile.

    Love ya lots♥
    Mitch and Molly


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