Ruff Day...

Yesterday was a ruff kind of day. It started out semi-normal...but with Momma's poppa feeling pretty awful. Momma went to work like normal, and I stayed home with Momma's normal. Then a few hours later a bunch of stranger burst into our house, surrounded momma's poppa and ended up taking him away!

I was so terrified! After that I was alone for a while longer, hiding under Momma's computer desk.

Photo re-enactment...sort of.

Before Mom came home my aunt Sarah (below referred to by my Momma affectionately as 'Bitchyface') was the first to come home. I was so still very scared, and didn't know who those people were who took away Momma's poppa, or why.

So when my aunt Sarah came home, Mom got this text a short while later.

When Mom came home not long after she explained to me what happen.

Those people who came in were called EMTs, and they came in something called an ambulance to help momma's poppa. When they took him, they were taking him somewhere he could feel better. The hospital - a sort of human vet office.

She and my aunt didn't stay long - they had to go to the hospital to find out what was going on with their poppa. They left me all alone - the first time I had EVER been alone in the house, all by myself, without being confined. When they finally came back forever later my momma made sure to praise me good for being a super good boy and not destroying or pottying on anything while they were gone. 

She's super glad that I did so well, because she said I was going to be alone in the house while she has to work for the next week while her poppa stays at the hospital to feel better.

I just hope I can continue to be good in the house alone for the whole time!

(A note from Wes' Momma: My dad is doing fine now. He has had stomach issues in the past, and been in the hospital just like this a few times before. This time was a little different, and he required a surgery when a CAT scan came back showing free air in his abdomen area, something which turned out to be caused by perforated ulcer in his abdomen. He went through the surgery just fine, but now has to stay in the hospital for around a week to recover properly.)


  1. What a scary thing to have happen! Lots of healing vibes and AireZen are heading Poppa's way! We can totally understand why you were so scared, Wesley!

    Love ya lots♥
    Mitch and Molly


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