What I've been up too...

Well, since Momma hasn't posted for me on a few days, I bet you all though that we had dropped off the face of the earth probably been super busy or something.

Not really, really.

You mean to tell me, Momma, that you didn't blog for me....just because?!

What had actually happened is Momma had a surprise full weekend off (Note from Momma: And if anyone out there works or has worked retail...you know what a surprise a whole, un-requested weekend can be!), so we headed over to my poppa's house and spent Friday night until Sunday morning there. It was so much fun running around and playing with Honey! We got to play tug, fetch and my new favorite game 'who-can-bark-the-loudest-and-longest-at-that-unknown-sound'!

For anyone who might wonder, I won!

It wasn't all fun and games, though.

If you follow me on Instagram you might already know we made an unexpected visit to the vet!

Momma and poppa got a little worried about me because I had to do a lot of licking at where my boy bits used to be - enough to the point that the area was getting all red and irritated. I was also acting a little funny; Usually I'm the kind of guy who doesn't mind standing around your feets. In this case I was going a lot more sitting, and I was going into my sits kind of funny.

It was enough to worry both Momma and poppa so off to the vet we went!

They looked at where my boy bits used to be, and checked out the joins on my hind legs. The vet said they felt warm and inflamed, so they took me and took some of my blood to see if I had gotten something called lymes disease.

Those tests came back negative, which is a good thing!

They didn't find anything going on with my legs, but told momma to keep and eye for any lameness and to let my own vet know (we didn't go to my usual vet for this visit!) if such a thing happens.

As far as why I was licking myself to irritated redness, it may have something to do with my neutering. The interior stitches might not have fully absorbed yet, and could be bothering me. Nothing to really worry about!

When we were sent home, we left with a cone (to keep my from licking my 'phantom boy bits' as momma keeps saying) and two bottles.

Rimadyl, for my legs and Cephalexin, and antibacterial medication just in case all this licking isn't just due to stitches!
I wasn't to happy about the cone, but Momma only has me wearing it when she's not around to make sure I'm not licking phantom bits.

Other then that...that's been it! We didn't even get any of the snow that was talked about in my last post!


Momma and I are both hoping that that snow missing us is a good sign that spring is officially coming soon! Now, if only it would start getting warmer...


  1. Ouchy! Hope your boy bits feel better soon!

  2. Sure hope yu get to feelin better real soon!

  3. Oh, Poor Wesley!!! I sure hopes your phantom boy bits stopped haunting you soon!!! I often sniff at phantom farts, butts that's a whole other conversation....bol
    I loves that game you were playin' 'who can bark the loudest and longest'!! I try and play with the neighborhood doggies, and I usually win too!!
    Oh, and abouts your Moms not bloggin' for you....SAME HERE! OMD, It's been like forevers, since Ma posted butts I've been gettin' on her case, so there should be a postie soon.
    Ruby ♥

  4. We hope you're feeling 100% soon, Wesley. We have 20 degrees this morning instead of zero! That's a plus, right!

    Love ya lots♥
    Mitch and Molly

  5. So sorry that you had the Itchy Owie where your boy bits USED to be. Glad that you got medicine fur it though. AND we are super glad that you didn't get the Snow...

  6. Poor baby hope you feel better. And hopefully that snow will miss you
    Lily & Edward

  7. Well we hope that licking issue is gone by now, I also take Rimandyl when I get my headaches, good thing your momma was watching out for you!!!!
    stella rose

  8. Hey Wesley!
    Wow, I'm so sorry about your ouchies and especially the dreaded cone of shame! That's the worst. I'm sending you some healing vibes right away. BTW: Your barking-the-loudest game sound like a ton of fun to me!
    Grr and Woof,
    Sarge, Furiend


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