World Smile Day

“What sunshine is to flowers, smiles are to humanity. These are but trifles, to be sure; but scattered along life's pathway, the good they do is inconceivable.”  ―  Joseph Addison “Just one smile Immensely increases the beauty  Of the universe.”    ―  Sri Chinmoy ,  Sri Chinmoy's Heart Garden: A Book of Aphorisms for Joy and Inspiration (May 2015) “Smiles and laughter are contagious; feel free to spread these viruses.”    ―  Tapan Ghosh ,  Faceless The Only Way Out

Leaves are falling, autumn is calling...

And, so are the hiking trails that litter the area. Mom also says that Blogville is calling, and she wants to attempt another return.  She always has hopes that on this return, it's for forever. Blogville is such a wonderful, positive place and we both love it dearly.  But she says she knows herself and all her bad habits, and she doesn't want to go making me any false promises - there will probably come a time again in the future where, for some reason or another, we go 'poof!' again.  There are really three main reasons that we've gone 'poof!' - life becomes busy for some reason or another, we've got nothing going on, and mom feels bad about sharing (what she says) our boring life of 'nothing going on', or on the flip side something has happened....just not a good something.    Back in March, when we were last posting, it was because of a 'not good' something (Rest in peace, Miss. Honey, you are still deeply miss

Wordless Wednesday

No grooming for me today - YIPPEE! Joining in today with Blogpaws ' Wordless Wednesday bloghop!


Today Winter Storm Stella came to visit. Snow covered me! It started snowing around 10 last night, and continued on all day today until about 3 pm. We got nearly one-mini poodle high worth of snow. Honey, you loved snow so if this is you...we miss you but enough with the snow already! Don't think I'll be doing any exploring outside of the paths that Mom, Dad and Uncle Steve have shoveled for awhile... One possible good thing? If the roads aren't completely clear tomorrow Mom is going to reschedule my grooming appointment with Aggie. Cross your paws for me for some still not-clear roads! BOL

Our thanks

Image all our friends for the comments and love sent our way.  We can feel it, and it most definitely helps ease the pain and sadness we are feeling from the unexpected loss of our dearest friend Honey. Mom isn't ready to share what happened, and she says she may never be so we apologize to Blogville for not sharing anything further.  What we do want everyone to know is that she did not suffer before making the trip over the Rainbow Bridge.  As a matter of fact, we are pretty sure that she's trying to signal to us that she's just fine over there - chasing down chipmunks (she could never catch them here!) , deading all the stuffies, and squeeking all the squeeky toys - by sending us some of her favorite type of weather today. Snow.


How could we know, Oh, dearest friend, that Now would be the time for goodbye? Even though you've passed over that bridge You are forever near in heart.  -Written by my mom (aka Amanda)

Signs, signs...everywhere there's signs!

 Or so my mom was signing earlier as we were in the yard. I had no idea what she was going on about. I didn't see any signs.  Then she told me, "Wesley! Stop and look by your feet!" I still really didn't see anything..except for maybe these weird little red nub things sticking out from the ground.  I looked at Mom and asked "These things?" She excitedly told me "YES!" She told me then that these little red nubbins were the beginnings of my grandma's peony plants, and one of the signs that spring was getting nearer. She asked if I could see anymore signs, because once you look hard enough there were more.   So I looked around. At first I really didn't see much...and then I saw these tiny little leaf buds starting on the Japanese lilac bushes! And out in the front yard, there were buds on the Rhododendron bushes! Mom was right.... Signs, signs everywhere there's signs....of spri

Dr. Seuss

Oh, dear friends here in Blogville (and other places quite far) Today is the day which we  honor a star! Not a star in the sky, no  he lived here on Earth writing stories for children which filled them with mirth. He gave us The Lorax, The Grinch, and The Whos, The Cat in that Hat, and Thing One and Thing Two! There's Mavin K. Mooney, who won't go away and Horton the Elephant, saving the day.  Oh! The Things You Can Think, Oh! The Places You'll Go  when you open a book written by... well, you know! Much more did he give us,  then what's mentioned here if I were to continue I could go on for years! Dr. Seuss was a man who proved reading IS fun, not just for adults but for everyone ! Written By: My Mom! (aka Amanda )

We're just going to pretend like it's still February for a moment, ok?

...and the reason we're going to do that is so that I don't feel bad that my Chewy review is late! BOL So today is February , got it? Most definitely NOT March 1st, like the calendar claims. So for this month of February mom chose a new tasty thing from Chewy for me and Honey to try. She saw it and, despite everything looking super fun or tasty, knew it was for us for this month. Ta-da! Our very own pasta, thanks to this bag of Rachael Ray Nutrish Pawsta Beef Stuffed Riggies Recipe  Dog Treats . See, Mom knew this was THE treat for us for this month of FEBRUARY because my Dad very-much shows his Italian heritage when it comes to pasta. He will eat it all day, everyday. Same with his brothers, my uncles Steve and Kevin. But anyway, that's NOT important stuff to know...what is important is this Pawsta itself! Mom opens the bag and...a wild Honey appears! Now before Mom gives anything to Honey and I, she always checks out the ingredients. She

Black and White Sunday

This is a blog hop hosted by Dachshund Nola and Sugar the Golden Retriever .