Today Winter Storm Stella came to visit.
Snow covered me!

It started snowing around 10 last night, and continued on all day today until about 3 pm.

We got nearly one-mini poodle high worth of snow.

Honey, you loved snow so if this is you...we miss you but enough with the snow already!

Don't think I'll be doing any exploring outside of the paths that Mom, Dad and Uncle Steve have shoveled for awhile...

One possible good thing? If the roads aren't completely clear tomorrow Mom is going to reschedule my grooming appointment with Aggie.

Cross your paws for me for some still not-clear roads! BOL


  1. We are only half way through getting all the snow we are supposed to have. The weather peeps say we could get 18" or more!

  2. My paws are crossed for a reschedule, Wesley! Have fun in the snow!

  3. hey than even snow is good for something... ha I guessed it :o)

  4. Don't get lost in all that snow!
    Mr Bailey, Hazel & Mabel


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