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Happy Halloween!

Wishing all our friends out there a wonderfully SCARY and FUN Halloween! Oh...and most importantly then either of those things...a SAFE one!

Morning Run Fun

 Off today, so I'm over here slumming it at Chris' house with Wesley and Honey. Went out this morning and they had a really good session of 'Let's-chase-each-other-around-and-act-like-nuts!' this morning. It's so much fun watching these two run around like that, especially with all the pretty fall leaves around!

Wordless Wednesday

Joining in today with Blogpaws and the Wordless Wednesday blog hop! 

Daily Treat

Whenever  Chris' father gets home from work, he always has two milk bones with him: one for Wesley and one for Honey.  They aren't from him, but from one of their neighbors. She does a daily walk around the neighborhood with a bag full of them and puts one for each dog in everyone's mailbox. Because Jim (Chris' father) is usually the person who brings them inside, Wesley always seems to be most excited when he get back from work.

We live!

Amanda here. This blog (and my own...) have fallen to the wayside once again. I've been through a long period of just...blah and not wanting to. Wesley now stays with Chris, and that has definitely pulled me down because I miss having my little guy with me at home in PA. He's doing well and just fine...and most of all is SAFE here in NJ. When I'm over Chris' I make sure we get in plenty of play and cuddle time. Just this morning we went out for early morning fall walks...which resulted in early morning fall baths as well... It's been a bit more then two months since my last post, and just as long since I've done anything like poke my nose around in Blogville. Blogville is just such a wonderful, happy place and I myself just wasn't feeling that I pulled us back from it. I feel myself swinging back out of the pit I've been in though, and I'm hoping to be able to post more here and involve more within Blogville again soo