What is a Beam?

"A beam is a glow, 
or ray of light - 
to glimmer or shine,
to laugh or smile"
- found on the side side of a box of The Honest Kitchen Beams treats

Beams is also the name of the type of treat I got to taste test today, thanks to the wonderful people at Chewy.com!

'Beams' are a treat made by a company by the name of The Honest Kitchen, a brand my mom has heard of many times but that we have never previously had the joy of trying out before. 

So now, what exactly are these Beams things? Oh look, here it is - the ingredients list!

Dehydrated Catfish Skins and...
Wait...that's it?! Seriously - that's all? That's pawesome!

Well, that's all I really need to know! Mom, don't you think it's about time we got to the very best part of this review? The taste test! So how about you open up that box and give me one?

Wes' Mom: I so love this picture...since I took it I laugh every time I look at it! Wesley looks like such a creeper on these treats! LOL
Now, mom...did you HAVE to post that photo? I know you really like the fact that they come in a nice little zip lock bag...but really! 


I have to say....these things are absolutely crazy delicious and I am just in love...after just one! Mom love finding treats that I love, and she loves even more when the ingredients are simple with no fillers or any kind of questionable add-ins. 

The one thing that mom thinks might be a problem for some people (but I think is just another one of it's greatest parts!) is that these treats are really, super fishy smelly.
Considering that they are really nothing but dehydrated fish skins, mom was pretty prepared for that.

So...all in all...these treats?

I love them, very very much! Mom has already told me that she will definitely be getting these for me again once this first box is gone!

Trying to break into the box for more from the bottom!

((Disclaimer: All opinions shared in the review of this product are 100% our own, and in no way were we monetarily compensated for sharing them here on the blog or anywhere else. The only thing we received was a free box of The Honest Kitchen Beams chew treats for dogs.)) 



  1. You've got us hooked. BUT we got some salmon skins and they had oil dripping off them. SHE had to pick them out with tissues because of the smell, so even though we LOVED them, we've never had them again....rats!

  2. My guys love those, but I can't get past the smell!

  3. They must be called beams because they beam themselves into your mouth, Wesley! They look sooooooooo yummy!

    Love ya lots♥
    Mitch and Molly

  4. Wesley.... we HAVE had these... and BOY HOWDY... You are TOTALLY correct they are DELICIOUS... We LOVED the Smell... and the Texture was GRAND... it took like 87 seconds to eat just HALF of one...
    Chewy.com has GRAND snack thingys and this one is Really Grand...
    Grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrreat review.

  5. Oh My! Ma said that she wouldn't be able to give me these without gagging!
    So...can I come overs and have one??? ☺
    Pawsome Review Wesley!
    Ruby ♥


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