Sepia Saturday...also...Mom fails...

Yeah, she least at challenges and deadlines! Friday she was supposed to have a picture all set up and ready to go for The Lazy Pit Bull's 52 Snapshots of Life weekly challenge.

Did she have one? No! And after I was so very nice last week to tell her she could post those things up on Fridays! Now, that's not to say she didn't try to get a photo...but she just hasn't gotten one she likes that she feels goes well with the theme for week three, 'Joyful'.

She says she hasn't given up yet, though...and she at least has until this coming Thursday to get it right. BOL

...I told her maybe you're just to picky...she asked me if I felt like eating that night. BOL

Anyway...that's how Mom fails!

Now only fun stuff, like Ruckus the Eskie's Sepia Saturday Blog hop!

My best friend at my dad's house is his standard poodle, Honey. My best friend here at home is my mom's sister's cat, Fiona. We just love to rough house and have a good time. The photo above is one mom caught after I was nosing her in the side trying to entice her to play...but she was much to comfy in the sun spot. I got a smack to the side of the face instead!

It's ok though, cause in the end I won and we wound up having a good game of chase and seek soon after!

As I mentioned, this is a blog hop!


  1. So hard to get good help these days. *sigh*

    Looks like yu an yur kitty are havin fun.

  2. Don't worry we have a slacko assistant here, too. So we know what you're talking about.

    If you hadn't said you were in that photo, we wouldn't know what that cat was hitting!

  3. What nerve that Fiona smacked you, Wesley! We're glad you got to chase her!

    Love ya lots♥
    Mitch and Molly

  4. probably cause the poodle looks like a big stuffie
    Lily & Edward


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