{52 Snapshots of Life} -Week 1 and Week 2

So here's a story about my mom. A few times over the past year she has said to me 'Wesley, you know what? 'I would really like to try one of those weekly photography challenges.' Usually this happened after she would run across one that was already in the midst of running. She's not a big fan of jumping into things that are already proceeding, so she would just sort of sigh and say 'well, one day.'

And then I found out about The Lazy Pit Bull's 52 Snapshots of Life !

As soon as this happened I  went to my mom and told her that someday is now today and to get her camera ready to point at something other then me. Heck, I was even so nice as to tell her I'd let her use my blog once a week for a treat or two to post her photo for the challenge!

Since The Lazy Pit Bull will be posting up a linky list each week on Friday, we decided that she would have that day to post her photo up as well. Now, today is Saturday which means she's a day behind for this week, and on top of that she already has a week prior to make up for! 

So now, with all that said...here goes my Momma and her photo stuff.


It's true, I have always wanted to give a shot to a photo challenge, so to be honest I am really super excited to participate in this one! 

I'm behind by one week, but this is ok.

I am definitely might even be cheating a little with this first post by including both the subject for Week One (which was 'New') along with the subject for Week Two (being 'Music') in one single photo.

The above photo is of my better half and Wesley's dad. He is amazingly musically inclined, and dabbles in quite a few instruments (I have seen him pick and play guitar, piano, I know that in school he played sax, he attempted to teach me clarinet and I am sure there is more that he can play at that in 5.5 years I haven't seen yet!) though his heart is that of a flutist.

I adore listening and watching him play, so when I saw the challenge for Week Two as 'Music' I knew there would be no other thing for me to base a photography on.

I got lucky, too, when I looked back at Week One's challenge of 'New'! The flute he plays in that photo is a brand new one he purchased for himself and just received via the mail a day before this photo was taken!

And there you have it...a photo that allows me to cheat kills two birds with one stone for The Lazy Pit Bull's 52 Snapshots of Life photography challenge!

Now as mentioned this is also a linky list...so please click on through and check out some of the other participants wonderful photos!


  1. This is gonna be inneresin, Wesley. Jus don't let yur Momma take over Completely! We wanna see yu too!

  2. Combining weeks....BOL! You've segued well! Wonder if you'll have to do that again in the next 50 weeks.

    Good idea to get the peeps focusing that camera in ANOTHER direction!!

  3. Wesley your daddy is very talented. Of course your mom is very talented with her camera too.

  4. You were wise to let your Mom use another subject AND to get treats. I have to pose for our snapshots of life.

  5. Welcome to the photo challenge!

    It's my first one I've ever joined but I've had fun so far!

    Great photo! Can't wait to see what you do for the other themes.

    p.s. I love parti poodles! I would like to get a parti colored standard poodle for my next dog.

  6. You have a very talented daddy, Wesley! We love the photo!

    Love ya lots♥
    Mitch and Molly

  7. Fantastic focus and well done fitting two themes in one. We have a flute in our post too... but it is old. :)

  8. Let's call it multi-tasking....love the focus in this shot - well done!

  9. Such a fantastic photo. I'm looking forward to the next 50 weeks!


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