Blizzard Bust.

 So Blizzard Juno ended up not being so big and scary for me here at home in PA. We only got about three inches overnight, and it was super light and fluffy snow. My dad in NJ, about an hour away, got about seven inches.

It's quite a lot less then we all thought we were going to be getting! But I'm not complaining...and neither is my mom.

All told between our snowstorm on Friday night and this we probably have a bit more then a foot of snow on the ground. For January, that's not awful at all. NOTHING like the craziness last year when it was piled super high and over my head.

We didn't go out a lot today to play in it, though, because it was very cold and I started shivering and lifting my poor cold paws up within just a few minutes. I do have a jacket that I was wearing...and my mom did recently get me boots...but she got them a size too small and we need to exchange them.

Until you go change my boots for the right size, maybe I can wear my mom's to play in the snow...or do you think these are too big?

So instead of playing out in the snow, we spent a lot of time playing and cuddling inside. 

Honestly, more cuddling then playing, as mom said she is feeling kind of energy drained today. Of course, she wasn't drained enough of energy to be sticking the camera in my face more thena few times throughout the day!
I'm sleeping mom...what do you want?


  1. THIS is One time that everybuddy is GLAD that the weather Blabbers got it a bit wrong, RIGHT???

  2. We probably got about 8" in our part of Long Island, but because of the winds our yard had both bald patches and spots 18" high. Hope you get your boot situation fixed before the next snow comes! I think there's some coming at the end of the week!

  3. You look adorable in your mom's boots, Wesley! We can send you snow if you want some. We have plenty to share!

    Love ya lots♥
    Mitch and Molly


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