REVIEW: Pet Naturals of Vermont Flea+Tick

As you all know, Momma and I (and sometimes Poppa, too!) like to go for hikes in our area on a pretty regular basis. So far this year we've done a handful of them, with plans on doing many more this season...Momma and Poppa are even talking about going on a super-special few nights overnight trip somewhere in New York in a month or two! They say that I'm going to, and oh boy am I excited!

BUT as excited as I am about that, and as much fun as hiking is it does have a few parts to it that are no fun.

One of those parts is ticks and bugs.

Especially ticks, which seem to be particularly awful this year!

Wes Momma: Super gross picture, I know...but after one hike this is how many ticks I pulled off my little dog despite him wearing a Seresto collar..and that isn't even all of them! These were found after a good brush down and look over, a finger scrubbing bath (and second lookover), and then another brush down and lookover while towel drying.  I have NO IDEA where so many of these things managed to hide on my 16 pound dog that I didn't find them in all my previous checks. Either I'm completely blind to these buggers or they have managed a form of invisibility that lasts a certain amount of time before wearing off...) 
This is why when Pet Naturals of Vermont reached out to me and my Momma and asked if I'd be interested in trying out their Flea+Tick all natural insect repellent I was more then excited to give them an enthusiastic YES.

Pet Naturals of Vermont Flea+Tick product

Since I've been a little puppy Momma has always had me on some sort of flea and tick prevention - K9 Advantix II and more recently for this year the Seresto collar - but she was never very happy about the chemicals used. Pet Naturals of Vermont's  Flea+Tick seemed to be the answer to this issue.

Here is a description of the product, straight off the Pet Naturals of Vermont Flea+Tick product page:

Flea + Tick Repellent Spray by Pet Naturals® is designed as a spray for ultimate convenience and safety. Flea + Tick includes lemongrass, cinnamon, sesame and Castor oils to provide a pleasant and refreshing smell with clean, non-sticky active ingredients. The combination of Brazilian oils from certified forests act as a natural shield from unwanted pests. The oils have been used for centuries by the indigenous people of the Amazon forest to keep pests from detecting the scent from their skin. Flea + Tick Repellent Spray does not contain any drugs or synthetic chemicals, and it is safe for use on all pets, bedding, and applications to collars. This natural flea and tick repellent has no known toxic effects from licking the skin.

That's the description, and here's a list of the ingredients, also right off the product's website:

Lemongrass Oil                                           4 %
Cinnamon Oil                                             1 %
Sesame Oil                                               1 %
Castor Oil                                             0.5 %
Purified Water                                        93.3 %
Vitamin E                                              0.2 %

All natural and super simple! Sounds good, right? Momma thought so too, and after doing some research on this product and checking out reviews left by other pet parents (on websites like Chewy and Amazon) she had some really super high hopes for it. 

minature poodle with Pet Naturals of Vermont Flea+Tick

When it first arrived she wasted no time in busting into the package that it came in, and giving me a good spray over of it, being careful about not getting it in my eyes (Wes' Momma: When it came to his face I sprayed a bit of in my hands and then careful went over his snout and head.)

This product does, at first, have a VERY strong smell to it...but it's also a very super pleasant one and so Momma did not mind one bit about it. It did fade after a while, but still stayed with me to the point that when we went to Poppa's later that day everyone commented about how good I smelled, and did Momma give me a bath before coming over.

BUT of course the smell isn't the important thing about Pet Naturals of Vermont Flea+Tick...the important thing is....does it actually work?

Wellllll....on that I can't say it worked 100% for me. As far as keeping off fleas and mosquitos it seems to do a pretty good job. For the times that Momma and I have been in the yard playing or have taken a very mild hike/walk through the woods on well maintained paths she has not found any ticks on me, either.

However...when we've gone on heavier hikes on not so well maintained trails she has still found a demon bug tick or two on me.

Now, the amount of ticks has been MAJORLY less, which is a BIG, HUGE, AWESOME win.

Instead of finding 8-10 PLUS on me, she has only found 2 or 3. That is a HUGE difference from before! As a matter of fact the presence of them is probably much more due to the sheer amount of the evil-creatures that are lurking in the woods and tall grasses where we live and hike. Momma is pretty sure that a product would have to be made of 100% PURE MAGIC to manage to keep ticks off me with the way they are here and with the places we tend to go tromping through.

So what does that mean for our opinions of Pet Naturals of Vermont's Flea+Tick?

Momma DOES really like and recommend this product and will continue to use it on me this summer. For us personally  it's not something she thinks we can use alone as my one and only type of preventative, so she will use it in conjunction with something else. For other dogs out there (ones who do not go tromping through the woods and tall grasses and hiking in places where evil ticks like to hang out en mass) Momma is sure that the Flea+Tick could be used as the main form of preventative.

So...after all that boring reading are you curious about this product for yourself and interested in giving it a try for yourself?

Pet Naturals of Vermont has offered to give a FREE 8oz bottle of Flea+Tick to the first 200 people to head over to THIS PAGE RIGHT HERE and sign up.

Not one of the first 100? Don't worry, because after that you can still receive a valuable coupon right to your email to try out this product for yourself!

((Disclaimer: Other then receiving a free 8oz bottle to try out for ourselves, we were not compensated in any way for this review. All opinions shared here are 100% our own. Depending on your own area this product may work better or worse for you and your dog. Product description and ingredient list take from the product webpage, found here. ))


  1. We have signed up earlier on someone else's page, so we are pretty excited about getting far we haven't heard yet. At least it did help somewhat, do you like that collar you use also?
    stella rose's momma

  2. So far this season, there have been 2 ticks roaming my furs. Blegh! We just picked up a lemongrassy flea/tick spray from a farm stand this weekend, so hopefully it'll help!

  3. Mom hasn't found too many ticks on us yet, thank doG! She hates the little buggers just as much as your mom does, Wesley!

    Love ya lots♥
    Mitch and Molly


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