Starting today and running through to this Saturday (June 28th) my buddy Oz the Terrier, together with Zuke's, is hosting a super-special blog hop - The Fuel the Cure blog hop.

Please click here to go to the main page on Oz's website for this blog hop

So, betcha you're wondering what's so super-special about it? Well, for every entry into this blog hop, Zuke's will be making a $5.00 donation to The Dog and Cat Cancer Fund.

Now, that's pretty awesome...but what is this fund? Well, straight off their website it says:

At the Dog & Cat Cancer Fund we help fight canine and feline cancer.
We work directly with veterinarians to help needy families get treatment for their cats and dogs suffering from cancer.
We offer grants to help scientists conduct research into the next generation of life saving treatments.
We promote prevention by raising awareness, understanding the risk factors, and encouraging early testing for canine and feline cancer.

What a wonderful, worthwhile thing that is!! Thankfully Momma has never had any issues with cancer in any of her pets, but she does know people who have - both right here in Blogville and outside of the internet - so she has seen just what a heartbreaking thing it can be. Knowing that, she also knows just how wonderful a thing this fund is.

Now...there was a second part to this blog hop! Each post should include a photo, or photos, or your pet furry family member LOVING LIFE!

Well now, that's easy!!!

So come on everyone, join in on the #FuelTheCore blog hop. Let's help raise some green papers, all the while lovin' life!


  1. Hopefully lots of green papers are raised for this! Great photo!

  2. Wheeeeee! What a fun, loving life photo! Thank you for joining in to support The Dog and Cat Cancer Fund!

  3. Airplane ears are a great sign of loving life!

  4. We just love that picture of you enjoying your day, Wesley!

    Love ya lots♥
    Mitch and Molly


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