Monday Mischief - Uh-oh...

So yesterday if you read my blog you may have noticed a few things.

One, that it was Father's Day! Yay for fathers!

Two, that is was my first ever gotcha day! YAY ME!

Three...some doggy made my poor Momma all upset!

You see, yesterday she was taking pictures with her most favorite camera, a Nikon D90. At one point she had to take a photo break so she could take a potty break.

Carefully she set the camera on the kitchen table, but left the strap hanging off of it...

Photo reenactment! Also...please disregard super, super old chairs that are headed to the dump someday (hopefully) soon. 

Then - while she was busy doing her own personal business - there came a loud BANG!!! from the kitchen, and when she came back there lie her poor camera on the floor in two pieces.

The camera body, and a few feet away the camera lens.

Momma's eyes landed on me...poor, completely innocent me...and she growled meaner then any doggie can ever hope to growl "Wesley, what did you do?!"

"But it wasn't me, Momma!" I told her, telling her the absolute 100% honest truth. "It was the squirrels! THEY did it!"

...she didn't look like she believed me at all, but sort of closed her eyes for a minute before sighing and picking up the camera pieces and checking out the damage.

As it turns out, the camera body seems to be fine. The lens, though....

Can you see where a piece broke off?
The little plastic bits that lock the lens onto the camera body broke off in the fall, and now the lens will not connect to the camera. Momma says she's more then glad that the camera seems to be ok, but is pretty upset still over the lens. Thankfully, she DOES have a second camera (also a Nikon. This one is a D3000) as well as a second lens (an 18-55mm, the one that broke was a 18-105mm) so she's not totally bummed out completely.

But that doesn't mean at all that she's anything like happy.

Those stupid squirrels!

((Wes Momma - Here's a bit of almost funny about this. Chris, Wes' Poppa, was talking about me upgrading my camera this past week...and I kept on telling him 'No, that's ok. The camera I'm using is just fine.' Maybe it's a sign from fate? Then again the camera does still seem to work least I'm not noticing anything immediately wrong about it. I'm not exactly a super camera-guru though. ))


  1. Good thing she's not making you work off the cost of a new lens! Those are expensive.

    1. Thank goodness your right, I hadn't thought of that...I'm not sure she thought of that, either....better not let her see this! She might take it as a suggestion!

  2. When all else fails blame the squirrels....also wesa like those chairs.
    stella rose

    1. Of course! But it's not's just telling the truth!

  3. She didn't see the squirrels do it, why would she get mad at yu Sweet Wesley?
    How many piccies boxes can she use at one time? I mean, how many does she need?
    Peepoles are so weird 'bout their stuff.

    An hey, all those chairs need is sum TLC. It's all 'bout the up-cyclin yu know.

    1. People ARE weird...not at all sensible like us canines! Momma says your probably right about those chairs, and she'll look into this TLC thingie.

  4. Man!!! It's a full out squirrel RAMPAGE!!!! Furst Walter and his peeps TP, then you and your Moms flashy box!!! Not right!! Just not right! Ya know, Ma dropped her flashy box too! It was just a point and shoot that she stuck in her pocket and when it fell out the LCD screen was all weird She still uses it! Even though she has others, she is determined to use it til it dies! Peeps are wierd, huh?!
    Anyhu, I thinks you are totally innocent and will be a character witness if you need it. I will also send bones if you need bail.
    Oh, and Ma says you should have the Salvation Army pick up those chairs when you're ready to gets rid of them ~ they will come to your house and everythings! And, you can even schedule a pick up time online! Ma loves that
    Ruby ♥ .

    1. The squirrels ARE really awful lately...doing their best to get all of us doggies in Blogville in trouble, it seems. Maybe it's all part of some big evil squirrel plot or something?!

      Those chairs, well, Momma is going to take Zoe's idea about some TLC and see where that leaves her with them!

  5. Replies
    1. Wes' Momma: Oh, I was. VERY. Wes is so lucky he's as cute as he is - it gets him out of a lot of trouble. What wasn't mentioned in the post was after picking up the lens I ended up having to go for a little bit of a poodle-less walk to cool off.

  6. Those stupid squirrels get so many of our doggie friends in trouble! We know that you were just keeping an eye on your mom's camera while she was out of the room, Wesley!

    Love ya lots♥
    Mitch and Molly

    1. Thanks for believing in the truth, guys! That's exactly what happened!

  7. My mom just had heart failure with this story! She is always so careful to never let the camera strap hang down and to put the camera in the middle of a table or somewhere no one can get at it. She has a Nikon D3100. The D90 is awesome. Hope it really is okay and "just" the lens is broken. Better make sure and get the squirrely ones out of the house!


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