She's moody?!

It's an icky wet, rain-y, cold, no-good day today...and Momma seems to be in a mood. Well, what does SHE have to be all moody about? I'm t he one who should be moody! First she was way late coming home! Like...HOURS late!Second, she let me run out of my Stella and Chewy's this morning...and even though she was late coming home she didn't bring anymore back for me! This means I had to eat my Taste of the Wild dry...DRY! Can you believe it?!

And she thinks she gets to be all moody and grummbly about some flat tire thing?!

Humans and their silly little problems!

(Wes' Momma: It's truely been a not-so-good day. Screw in tire flats are no fun. And then you have a hell of a time getting your car jack from it's little cubby hole. And then you find out your tire iron is missing. And then it starts absolutely pouring down rain, Noah-style. Thank goodness for kind mechanic-strangers willing to help...even in monsoon-like rains. )


  1. Poor Wesley! Yu want I should call the SPCA or sumfin?
    An looky there, yur Momma has all kinds o' lame scuses fur bein late!

  2. Humans wif dere excuses. Dey's full of em. Like no, we can't go on a walk today since it are thunderin and rainin. Den my momma tried to use da same excoos for no pool ball!

  3. We bet your mom makes it up to you with lots of treats today, Wesley!

    Love ya lots♥
    Mitch and Molly


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