Back to me!

So yesterday Momma made me post picture of our hike, but not one of them was of me! How rude is that...and it's even my blog! Well, today Momma promised we'd revisit that hike with all the pictures of ME!

You remember the photo of one single Red-Wing Blackbird on branches? Well, who do you think spotted him first? Bah! Not Momma!


And then, while she was all busy concentrating on the silly bird, I decided to check out the water.

wet poodle dog
Wes' Momma: What you can't see to well is that he's studded with little bits of duckweed from his dip!
After taking forever to get pictures of the bird, we walked on...and then my nose found something interesting on the side of the pathway....

Momma thought my dirty little butt hanging out of the bushes like that was kinda funny...and then I started rolling.

Which made her come over very quickly to see the dead turtle I had found.

After that she didn't think it was too funny anymore and she made us hurry on.

She did feel a bit better when we came to parts of the path lined with wild phlox, though. Momma says she's a sucker for pretty flowers!

Not long after the flowers we came to what Momma has decided to her new favorite place.

reflection of clouds in water nature
NOT of me. Momma your fibber!

This is now MY favorite place, too. Momma brought with us a small Kong squeeker ball for me to fetch with as we walked. She decided she would throw it into the water for me. At first, I wasn't so sure, I couldn't figure out how to get the ball. Then I had a few minutes where the ball would bob and spin as I tried to pick it up out of the water and that confused me.

poodle dog

But soon, since I'm a poodle and therefor super smart, I figured it out.

And then Momma started actually throwing it.

poodle dog fetch

poodle dog fetch

Momma says these are her favorite pictures of all the day, and she can't wait to go back to take some more with me.

I don't care about the picture taking, let's just go play some fetch!


  1. NOW THIS IS MORE LIKE IT WESLEY.... Just sayin, buddy. Just Sayin.

  2. So gorgeous! Mom would love to get me into that puddle for photos. The cloud reflection is incredible.

  3. Yes!! I say bring me more WESLEY!!! These were FABulous photos!
    I loves that you rolled in the deaded turtle...hehehehe I bets you smelled wonderfuls!
    Ruby ♥

  4. Looks like ya had tons of fun playin fetch!

  5. You look like you were havin' the time of your life, Wesley!

    Love ya lots♥
    Mitch and Molly

  6. Fun times! Burd spottin, runnin, rollin in stank, fetchin! Yu had it all!

    Did yu have to get a bath when yu got home?


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