One post...three hikes?!

Well, I TOLD you we had been doing a lot of hiking lately. Now Momma has an influx of pictures to share from not one, not two, but THREE separate hikes taken over the past week. Instead of loading tons and tons of pictures up, she threw them into three separate collages made on

The first hike we took was over at local Mahlon Dickerson Reservation, a hiking and recreation area that is pretty much right in poppa's backyard.

Not to many good pictures came from this hike, though we did have lots of fun and there were lots of pretty places where you could see for a looong time.

Our second hike was also at a place close to Poppa's house, at an abandoned mine area (by the name of Edison Mine, also once called 'The Works')which is also in the Sparta Mountain Wildlife management area. We didn't get to far into the WMA...poppa is a little paranoid about things like bears.

Again, not to many photos came out of this hike...poppa insisted that we move,move,move so we didn't get eaten by a bear. 

Lastly, and my and Momma's favorite hike, was just a hike with me and her! We had dropped poppa off at work and then gone and done our own thing. This hike took place part on what was once an old railtrack, and also on another wildlife management area, this one Paulinskill.

There are lots of pretty pictures from this hike! No paranoid poppa this time to hurry us along!

Actually, Momma and I plan to go back to Paulinskill today it was so very pretty and relaxing! She wants to take a different camera lens that will take better pictures of all the birds and pretty things that were just to far for her other lens to photograph well!

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  1. Your momma takes beautiful pictures...we cannot hike cos we have no snout to cool off wif.
    stella rose

  2. So much purdy!

    Looks like yu sure enjoy yur hikin times.

  3. WE are Really happy that you did NOT get eaten by a BEAR. Lovely walking places though.

  4. Looks and sounds like some good walls. I love walls too

  5. We are jealous! We don't have any cool places to hike like you do. And we love the pics. Hope you're having a wonderful Wednesday!

    Braeden and Seth

  6. We are totally jealous, Wesley! We need to come and live with you so we don't forget what hiking is like!

    Love ya lots♥
    Mitch and Molly

  7. That looks so fun! Love the new header.

  8. OMD, those are some pawsome hikes Wesley!! You sure are one licky, ooops! I meant LUCKY doggie!! (thou, I don't judge...)
    Thou, I sure am glads you weren't eaten by a bear...or lion or something!
    Ruby ♥


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