Evening and Morning

So Momma, Poppa and I are all back from our wonderful little weekend. We came back earlier-then-wanting-to on Sunday and normal everyday life resumed just yesterday. Blah city.

Doesn't mean I'm done sharing about it, though! 

So Saturday we did one walk in the morning, then because I like bark like a maniac to make my presence known Momma and Poppa decided we'd try to walk again in the early evening.

It was a really beautiful time to walk, and the beach was pretty much ours alone!

Wes' Momma: That big building right in the middle of the collage is called The Grand, for obvious reasons. The thing is huge. If you look right to the left of it those are the building of the complex where we stay. :)
After our (5mile!) beach walk, we came back to the room and Momma and Poppa proceeded to torture me!

After the bath torture session Momma says she and Poppa watched a movie (The Hobbit: The Desolation of Smaug) but I just crashed out. I wanted to be ready for the sunrise Momma said we were going to wake up to see in the morning.
When morning came Momma and I were ready...Poppa not so much. He opted to stay inside under the covers for extra sleep.

The morning sunrise was just as pretty as the sunset and I wish we could have stayed another day longer to witness more of these beautiful beginnings and endings.

Oh well...I am SURE there will be a next time!

And you know what? Even though I would have liked to stay and have lots more fun on the beach, coming home wasn't so bad either....


  1. WOW Wesley.... a 5 Mile Beach Walk??? THAT is a LONG LONG LONG way...
    We are so sorry that you came back to the room ONLY TO BE TORTURED in the Water thingy.
    You are RIGHT that is a HOOGE building.
    Look at THOSE BOXES and the BAG... can't wait to see what is in them.

  2. Looks like ya had fun - I luv going to da beach!

  3. Wowsa! FIVE MILES??!! That's twice the distance I go everyday!! I gots to get Ma off her arse and take me further. Those pics are just amazin'!! That looks like a most magical place Wesley...wells, except for the waterboarding when you gots back to your room...BOL
    OOOOOOO, those boxes look like the contain....MAGIC!!
    Ruby ♥

  4. The beach is so wonderful! Your momma got some great shots.

  5. What a nice get-away and you came home to pressies just for you, Wesley! What could possibly be better!

    Love ya lots♥
    Mitch and Molly

  6. There is nothing better than sand beneath your feets
    Lily & Edward


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