A perfect treat for a rainy day!

It's a very rainy Tuesday over here in our neck of the woods...which means no going outside to hang out and run around. Instead we are stuck inside being lazy bums doing a bunch of not-much. 

And then Mom remembered that in my bag she packed me a Barkworthies Odor Free Bully Stick! 

Now I've had bully sticks before...but never one of these guys. Of course as a pooch the odor of them is more appetizing then offending...though my Mom seems to think otherwise.

'EWWW Wesley - that thing reeks!'

She may have been known to say to me a time or two when I wanted to get close to her and chew a bully stick at the same time.

So this one claiming to be odor free? Mom was on board....

...but was it really?

She took a test to find out!

((Wes' Mom: ...be warned...video footage of myself...please skip past pushing 'play' if you have an easily upset stomach! lol))

HUH! So it seemed to be true!

With that test done, I was given the bully stick to see if the taste was just as good as the stinkier version.

I wasted no time in getting to the taste testing part.

I was giving it a reaaally good chew over...really savoring the flavor and getting a feel for the texture of it...when Mom took it away from me again!

Why Mom, why?!

Oh...you have one more test you want to do?

((Wes' Mom: Please see disclaimed above first video...as it again applies!))

Ok...so maybe once chewed it's not completly, 100% odor free...but really the smell just adds to the experience.

What did I think of the experience?

I think that these Barkworthies Odor Free Bully Sticks really ARE as advertised and pretty darn Barkworthy!

Now...give that bully stick back, Mom!

((DISCLAIMER: We received one one 6" Double Cut Odor Free bully stick in return for our full and honest opinion of the product. All opinions shared here are 100% honest and our own. ))


  1. Oh we love bully sticks, stinky or otherwise, we love stinky hooves also......stella rose

  2. Humans have a funny sense of smell, don't they. They're always going on about their food...'doesn't that smell good'. So don't know why they object to our good smelling food. Oh well.....maybe you'll be getting more of those in future.

  3. We think that Peeps have the WORST noses in the entire UNIVERSE... they don't have a CLUE what smells GOOOOOOOOOD.

  4. It passed your mom's sniffer test, Wesley! This means you'll be getting one ALL the time on rainy days! Yay for you!

    Love ya lots♥
    Mitch and Molly

  5. The smeller the better that's what I think.

    Aroo to you,

  6. Maybe our mom and dad would let us have bully sticks if we tried those kind. Our dad can't stand the smell of most of them.

  7. Yuppers, some of those DELISH bully sticks smell, well, like WHAT THEY ARE, if ya knows what I mean....hehehehe
    I'll chew any bully sticks! They are most tasty ~ butts I likes when Ma leaves the room cause the smell is so bad! Okays, maybe that's just me....☺
    Ma said she'll check these out!
    Ruby ♥

  8. Oh yum, yum, the smellier the better I finks!
    Loves and licky kisses
    Princess Leah xxx


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