What are some of my most favorite special moments?

So I hear our friend Oz the Terrier is holding a very special blog hop as a thank you to one of his recent sponsers. 

He asked that we post a special moment to share with eveyone...something I'm more then happy to do! 

I have had a few of them in my two years of life.

Seeing what Mom called the ocean for the first time. It was so big and kept trying to get at me! It made me nervous that first time...but now I love when we go down for a weekend. Running and playing on the beach is one of my favorite things.

In the fall going out hiking with my Mom and dad for the first time. Dad isn't a big outdoors type. He's a IT computer guy and likes to joke that he's much more at home surrounded by humming machines then humming bugs....so the first time we all went out hiking was pretty special to  me.

...and of course Mom thought the snuggling that happened between me and dad after the hike was pretty special and sweet. 

And then there's this..

This is Mom's pic, and it both warms and breaks her heart. She has so few pictures of her father, and this one of myself and him is very, very special to her. It's been three months since his passing, and she still misses him everyday...and knows she will continue to do so everyday. 

And now...

What's more special then meeting your mom for the first time, and heading off to your forever home!?

Now, don't forget that this is a blog hop!! Go ahead and hop on through to find out more of Blogville's citizen's special moments!


  1. Oh Noodles thank you for sharing your wonderful moments.
    stella rose

  2. Those are very memorable special moments
    Lily & Edward

  3. You picked wonderful moments, I so agree with you... to meet your mom the first time and your new home is a super special moment... and to see that big bathtub what they call the ocean is special too... but I was unsure as I saw it... my dad had to carry me, because I was afraid I could get wet feet :o)
    easy rider

  4. Yep I can see why you would chose those moments to be special.

    Aroo to you,

  5. OMD! Bravo for ALL those moments! I especially love you and your dad cuddling for a nap after your first hike together. And of course, the photo of you with grandpa is so sweet and I am sure, a wonderful memory for your mom. And OH...a photo of you with your mom on the VERY first day together?!? That is super special. Thanks for joining in!

  6. So many memorable moments. Hard to choose just one! They are all super.

  7. What wonderful special moments and great happy memories, just pawfect!
    Loves and licky kisses
    Princess Leah xxx

  8. Those are all very special moments, Wesley!

    Love ya lots♥
    Mitch and Molly


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